Samsung Vibrant 4G gets release date

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The official news has been leaked that ‘Samsung Vibrant 4G’ will be available with T-mobile. The release date of Samsung Vibrant 4G is scheduled to be 23 February. This Vibrant 4G will allegedly provide HSPA+ network and other enhancements like video conferencing capabilities. It will be the fastest phone with the 21 mbps download speed in among all Samsung mobile phones.

Samsung Vibrant 4G

Many specifications have come out about the latest features of this smartphone. Samsung vibrant 4G will be the first fastest data connection mobile with wireless carrier that will offer 21+ Mbps speeds on its HSPA+ network to the Samsung users. This upcoming smartphone model will be available with 5-megapixel rear-facing camera as well as video chatting software.

Vibrant 4G will be preloaded with Qik, the video conferencing application created by company and currently owned by Skype. It is designed with 4-inch WVGA, Super AMOLED touch screen in a tablet shape as former models of Samsung. It is developed with Android 2.2 Foryo on a 1GB processor with internal memory 16GB that can be extended up to 32GB.

Rumor is also in air about operating system in the vibrant smartphone. Some source has suggested that vibrant 4G may come with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) instead 2.2. Displayed Pictures of it also shows that it does not contain Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Release of vibrant 4G is good news for Samsung users as they are waiting since last November for the Froyo system.

Some skeptics have hire story for the release date and they feel that the timing of release is purposeful to increase the excitement of new phone. It may be a good thought for attracting users to the fastest speed of Froyo and features of Vibrant 4G. However, details and price of mobile is not declared officially yet therefore everyone has to wait till 23 Feb to see the transparency of the smartphone. Samsung Vibrant 4G will be one of the new generation mobile with latest technology. It is going to beat other mobile shelves in the market till the end of February.

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