JailbreakMe website is not working

Posted by on Aug 02, 2010 | 3 Comments

There seems to be a mad rush of people trying to get their iPhone 4 jailbroken. This must have been a surprise for guys who have done the jailbreaking world proud. Reports of JailbreakMe not working has hit the web. The official website of seems can’t handle the server load because lots of people is simultaneously downloading the iPhone 4 jailbreak file. As of now you can still visit Jailbreakme but be sure that you synced first your iPhone or iPod touch.

JailbreakMe website is not working

JailbreakMe is a browser based iPhone 4 jailbreak solution that needs no laptop and any person can unlock his or her iPhone 4

The season doesn’t seem to be good for Apple, the manufacturers of iPhone. They have been ridiculed for iPhone 4 manufacturing defects including the death grip issue that has forced them to distribute a free iPhone for cover that the company says saves them from deathgrip issue.

JailbreakMe from iPhone Dev Team was a remarkable breakthrough for iPhone hacking supporters. iPhone users have to rely on a single operator AT&T. There are those willing to get rid of the current operator. Until now most of the iPhone users had to resort to experts to Jailbreak their phone. With iPhone jailbreaking made public after the DMCA ruling users can now afford it at a cheaper rate.

Because this is new and very popular at the moment is being hit with an immense amount of traffic and people seem to be having problems accessing the site, if you are experiencing any issues getting on the site or indeed with the software update itself please let us know below using our comments area provided.

Looks like the new version of Jailbreak uploaded for the iPad does not work and causes a reboot loop after jailbreak. An update should be up shortly. Incase anyone has a fix we’d like to know. The iPhone and iPod Jailbreak works fine though.

While reading some updates from Engadget for the Jailbreakme downtime, it seems Saurik upgraded the server that handles the said jailbreak added to that many reports or tweets that their phone got bricked after updating and yet other owners successful JBed their iPhone.


  1. Akoni says:

    When you go to it says a server with that host name cannot be found. I jailbroke my 3GS ios 4.0.1 with it lastnight but had to reset today and now I cannot jailbreak.

  2. Wafukari says:

    “It looks like the installer crashed…” no matter how many times I try.

  3. Johnson says:

    Geeeze for the 5 day it starts then boots me out closes safari and tell me that it crashed and does nothing after that

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