Is Sedna the next tool jailbreak Comex?

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For several hours, the photos have appeared on the canvas. According to rumors, it would be of Sedna, the next tool jailbreak Comex. As with Spirit, the software would jailbreak your device with one click.

Is Sedna the next tool jailbreak Comex?

Yesterday late at night, the Site This Week in iPhone has hosted a live discussion with the biggest hackers jailbreak scene (Planetbeing, iH8sn0w, Chpwn and COMEX). During this interview the developers have raised questions concerning the future jailbreak.

Comex had said something about the Jailbreak this weekend, a chance, now we see nothing and lose at least the emotion of the moment, and to calm expectations, come images of possible new Jailbreak, now called Sedna and Spirit .

Comex has made several statements regarding jailbreaking the iPhone iOS 4 and 4. First, the future software does not appoint Spirit.  Regarding the release of the software, as usual, gave no release date, but explained that he would take that long to release their software because it is a tool 100% functional unlike with the first release of Spirit that removed the contacts and user pictures.

A rumor (and therefore to be taken lightly) on the net recently about the type of jailbreak which would be used: It would be like UserLand. For those unfamiliar with this method, it is a jailbreak technique which is done directly from its Safari browser by going to a unique URL. This technique has been used at the time to jailbreak the iPhone by going to the Edge site Information adds weight to this rumor a few days ago ChPwn asked, via Twitter, people visiting a site that detected iOS version of the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch.

Update: It is confirmed that this is a Fake. For these reasons at the moment, think it is a Fake or assembly created by another user, who wants to raise expectations or emotions in users who expect the solution to their devices.

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