Amazon Kindle for Web beta live on your browser

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Amazon, an American-based multinational electronic commerce company has launched Kindle a web-based beta version that allow customers to read and share book sample without leaving the browser. From the new online interface, the users cannot read full books, however they require Kindle device or any free Kindle reading application set up on iTunes, Google’s Android Market, and other. Users also share samples of books with friends through various social networks.

Amazon Kindle for Web beta live on your browser

Latest service launched in beta on Tuesday that is called as Kindle for the Web. Kindle for the Web serves people to sample any e-book by a browser without having to install the Kindle software. Amazon is available for a variety of devices including Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system.

Kindle samples can be embedded on websites or blogs using the required tag, according to Amazon. The company clarified, “Open the sample from the product detail page by clicking on the ‘Read first chapter FREE’ button while shopping for selected books at Click on the Embed icon on the right side of the window and copy the code to embed the sample in your blog or web page.

Interested readers can buy the book from it when the sample chapter is posted. Websites and bloggers signed up with the Amazon Affiliates partners program will therefore receive a 6 to 8-percent referral fee from purchases originating from their sites.

Kindle for the Web consents to you for reading the first chapter of any book that has a Kindle edition right in your browser. You can also amend font sizes, adjust the line spacing, determine how many words per line you would like, and select from three diverse color modes such as white, sepia, and black.

A new rumor also raised Tuesday that Amazon is presently working on an Android tablet. The device will not restore the present Kindle model, but will be sold beside Amazon’s popular ebook reader.

Moreover, Kindle for the Web Beta allows you to sample Kindle books through other websites and blogs that use the Kindle for the Web Beta to share samples of their favorite books.
The company wants to improve on the mobility concept by offering devices for both the book reader and the multimedia consumer. After all, a tablet would be ideal for bringing Amazon’s “video on demand” service to the same audience taking their books on the go.

Amazon Kindle for Web beta is not required to download or installation anything extra. Through Kindle you can share book samples with your friends via email or social networks. You will also able to embed a book sample in your personal blog or website and earn referral fees on sales.

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