Libya protest Unrest – Gaddafi’s Son Warns People

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First time, the major political protests have been appeared in the Libya for ending the 41-year rule of Muammar Gaddafi. These anti-regime protests reached to Tripoli, a capital of Libya. However, the son of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam issued warning to protesters on early Monday on national TV channel that the region will face a bloody civil war if protesters say no for reform offers and they would fight until “last...  Read More

Four Loko Banned in Ohio: What makes it So Dangerous?

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Four Loko is a caffeinated alcohol drink, broadly known as “black-out in a can” and “liquid cocaine” which is famous among college students. Numerous colleges have banned the Four Loko and many are warning students of its consequences. Against the alcoholic drink Four Loko and similar products, even though some states’ Liquor Control Commissions have been taking action, no public moves is made...  Read More

Elizabeth Smart Testimony Transcript & Video

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14-year-old girl, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped in June 2002 in Utah. She was kidnapped from her bedroom. Elizabeth Smart was found after one year with her kidnappers Brian Davi Mitchell and his wife Wanda Ileen Barzee. On 1st October, 2009 Smart testified against Brian David Mitchell in a federal court hearing. Smart unveiled that she was raped on a daily basis during her court statement. She said he was “not...  Read More

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers Wiki

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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is a dreadfulness movie and is the sixth part of the Halloween series. Joe Chappelle is the director of the movie from a screenplay by Daniel Farrands. The plot involves the “Curse of Thorn”, a supernatural symbol first shown in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers and exposed in the film to be the basis of Michael Myer’s wicked. The sixth part is known for...  Read More

Four Loko Alcoholic Energy Drink is Dangerous – Students Sickened

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There are many drinks preferred by the college students and ‘Four Loko’ is one of them. Four Loko is an alcoholic energy drink prepared from mixture of caffeine and alcohol. This energy drink contains12% alcohol volume that is 3 times the quantity of a regular beer so it has been proved dangerous and leads the students sickened. Four Loko is produced by Phusion Projects Inc, of Chicago. Four Loko drink is obtainable...  Read More

The school District of Palm Beach Will Open on Wednesday Despite of Storm Warning

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In spite of storm and flood warnings Palm Beach County schools have planned to open on Wednesday. District officials announced the storm and flood is expected to turn into Tropical Storm Nicole. After-school activities changes will be made on Wednesday whereas the schools will be open in the first half. The parents are requested by the School officials to make sure their children are dressed up in robes that are appropriate...  Read More

Tropical Storm Matthew Will Hit Florida Next Week

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Tropical Storm Matthew will hit Florida in the next week. Lately, the mass of clouds and storms moved toward the coast of Central America, the first stop on a highly unsure path that could possibly intimidate to Florida. Hastily, the Tropical Storm Matthew reached in the southwest Caribbean on afternoon Thursday and was projected to strengthen into a hurricane on Sunday. The National Hurricane Center predicted that with...  Read More

Tornado Warning in Brooklyn, Queen and Staten Island

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The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Brooklyn, Queen and Staten Island in Monmouth and Ocean counties, but it is unclear whether a tornado did arrive. A flashy storm struck around 5:30 p.m. through New York City with the winds speed of up to 70 miles per hour on Thursday evening, 16 September 2010. Many trees were fallen down, several buildings were damaged heavily cars were destroyed and also one...  Read More

Volkswagen Polo 1.6 Petrol at price of 6.16 lakh launched in india

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After the successful entrance of 1.2L Polo in India, the largest European car manufacturer Volkswagen has launched its new variant model named Volkswagen Polo 1.6 Petrol in the Indian market today 14th September 2010. It is available to sell at priced Rs. 6.16 Lakh in ex showroom New Delhi. On 23rd February, 2010, Volkswagen Polo was first launched in India. Volkswagen India launched the 1.2-L Polo in March 2010 with...  Read More

Hurricane Igor Becomes Category 4 – May strengthen

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On Sunday, Hurricane Igor likely to be reached to a Category 4 storm in Atlantic, with maximum sustained winds of 135 miles per hour, according to the yesterday’s report of hurricane center. Igor was moving west at 14 miles per hour. Tropical Storm Julia developed over the far eastern Atlantic, becoming the 10th named storm of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season. Yesterday, Igor was moving west at 14 miles per hour...  Read More