T-Mobile 4G tablet to release in 2011

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Recently, one of the major U.S. carriers T-Mobile unveiled its plans to release 4G tablet at some point in the year 2011. T-Mobile 4G tablet will be released in 2011, announced by T-Mobile on Friday after the statement of Sprint Nextel that it plans to launch a 4G tablet in 2011. T-Mobile competes with Verizon and Sprint Nextel in the 4G market so it seems that at present, their competition will extend by the tablets....  Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 : Release Date and Specifications

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The second generation Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy 2 will be rolled out by Samsung. Get the information about its Release Date and Specifications here. The first-generation Samsung Galaxy Tab has been available for some days in selected countries only. Samsung has brought a huge surprise by unveiling about the Tab 2. It was supposed that the current model would come with a Super AMOLED panel. It will come with a new generation...  Read More

Coby Kyros $300 Android tablet: Specs & Review

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An electronics corporation, Coby has introduced its first Android internet tablet named as Kyros. The Android tablet, Kyros has 7 inch resistive touchscreen display and an HDMI port as well as 4GB of storage capacity and a microSD card slot for expansion. The Coby Kyros will be priced at $300 that can be purchased from the Home Shopping Network. Below the specifications & review of Coby Kyros Android tablet are mentioned. With...  Read More

Sylvania 7-Inch Tablet on Kmart at $180: Specs & Review

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The Sylvania 7″ Tablet will let you to surf the net at anywhere and anytime and is sold at $180 on Kmart. Get the specifications and review of it. A combination of folks at Kmart and Sylvania bring a bit of a surprise. Kmart has taken another run at the bargain tablet market with the support of folks at Sylvania. A seven inch tablet on the shelves has been joined up. Web browsing is put at your fingertips with...  Read More

Best Black Friday 2010 Ads Released by various company

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On the occasion of Black Friday 2010, various companies are going to release deals and promotions for its customer. Some of the well-known retailers are Sears, Kmart, WalMart, Walgreens, Home Depot, Radio Shack, Dell, etc. which offer large discounts on their items. So, what are you waiting for? Just check out the hot deals given below. A market research firm, iSuppli researched that the Black Friday is the biggest shopping...  Read More

HP Palmpad WebOS Tablet: Specs, Release Date and Review

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Hewlett-Packard (HP) filed for the brand name PalmPad, maybe for its planned tablet PC running Palm’s WebOS. Get the full specifications, release date and review of HP Palmpad WebOS Tablet. HP’s PalmPad webOS based tablet is having apparently gained a name and steadily receiving fleshed out with hardware capabilities. As per reporter, a dual-mode touchscreen combined with Wacom active digitizer with a finger-friendly...  Read More

Point Of View Mobii 10 Android Tablet : Review & Specs of 10.2″ tablet

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Now Point of View decided to take unit of tablet market after introducing rather a few netbooks. It released Mobii 10” and 7” Android Tablet, get Review & Specs of 10.2″ tablet. These both tablets are based on Android. The Tegra based 10-inch looks quite good. In some announced tablets, this first has in reality rolled up. Mobii 10 Android Tablet has been implemented with NVIDIA’s Tegra technology; Tegra...  Read More

Point Of View Mobii 7 Android Tablet : Review & Specs of 7″ tablet

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A 7-inch and 10-inch internet Mobii tablets based on Google Android have been announced today on 27th October 2010. But below you can take a look on Review & Specs of 7″ tablet. The new Mobii internet tablets are the great tools for quick and easy everyday tasks through Point of View’s outstanding hardware and Google Android’s software variety. You can check your email, read the news or even watch movies...  Read More

RIM launch BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator & SDK for Mac & Windows

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Yesterday (25th October, 2010), the Waterloo-based mobile tech giant RIM (Research In Motion) has introduced the first Simulator & SDK (Software Developer Kit) for its upcoming BlackBerry Playbook tablet. The first SDK and Simulator tools are necessary for developers of Mac and windows. The kit allows both developers to create, run and test their applications in the RIM-preferred Adobe AIR format and provides disk...  Read More

Spice Mi700 DroidPad in India this Diwali – Specs & Review

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Spice is planning to introduce Android tablet DroidPad MI700 on this Diwali in India. Spice Mi700 DroidPad has been designed for the mobile internet surfing, Facebooking, instant messaging while maintaining its normal function as a mobile phone. Specification and review of Mi700 DroidPad are described here. The DroidPad’s high-resolution 7in capacitive touchscreen permits you physically interact with applications...  Read More