Playing Video Game an hour in day leads to success – Study says

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People think that games are the waste of time but studies show that games are really one of the most productive ways to spend time. Games help people in producing something more significant than economic bottom line such as powerful sentiments like curiosity, optimism, pride, and social connections by which lives can be changed and people can potentially get help in changing the world. According to studies, key to get...  Read More

Marriage Life After having a Baby

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Marriage Life becomes happy after having baby, for those parents, who considered baby as bless of god. However, many couple feels that married life becomes problematic after having baby. Many factors are responsible for both of this situation such as financial condition of the parents, family background etc. Baby not only gives a lot of enjoyment to the parents but also to the other member of family particularly if...  Read More

Aspirin Low Dose Can protect Against Colon Cancer

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Aspirin low dose (75 mg/day) can lessen the risk of developing colon cancer by 24 percent and deaths by a 35 percent, according to the study. Daily low doses of Aspirin are already suggested for patients at threat of a heart attack or a stroke by many doctors. In developed countries, colon cancer is the 2nd most common cancer with around one million new cases and 6,00,000 deaths worldwide annually. Aspirin high doses...  Read More

Kosik – The Talking Elephant of South Korea

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Visitors and scientists are attracted by Kosik, a male Asian elephant, who has unique ability to vocalize various Korean words. Kosik utters many Korean words like “yes,” “no,” “sit,” “lie down,” and four other words. Kosik is twenty-year-old elephant born in 1990 and lived at Everland Theme Park in South Korea. According to Kosik’s trainer, Kim-Jong Kap, since Kim-Jong...  Read More

Tony Hsieh is Making $36000 PA By Amazon

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Last year, Amazon bought Zappos, the $1+ billion e-commerce business which is one of the most striking Internet success stories in recent years. The Zappos Empire was not created overnight but ten years were taken to create it. The online retailer recognized for selling shoes was actually anxious for sales before Ten years. In the year 1999, a young Tony Hsieh came aboard who is a business consultant and investor. The...  Read More

Holt McDougal Online Learning Portal review

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In people’s life, the good-quality education is being necessity nowadays like other necessities because education skills make life more interesting. For providing good-quality education to student, Holt McDougal has designed online learning portal website where students can access for books, assessments and resources for online students and teachers. To use Holt McDougal Online Learning Portal, the students...  Read More

MathXL emerges as best online course material

Posted by on Sep 01, 2010 | 1 Comment is online Math XL courses website which was designed to meet the requirements of instructors as well as students. It provides best online courses material that escort Pearson Addison-Wesley and Pearson Prentice Hall textbooks. Math XL courses were first launched in the year 2001. Across the nation, it helps over 3 million students in mathematics and statistics subjects. As per the survey, Students are inspired...  Read More

Oil Spill‎ Solution – Oil Eater Bacteria Discovered

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Oil Eater Bacteria discovered in Russia’s Lake Baikal by Baikal Russian scientists that are very interesting microorganisms and could finish the risk of ecological damage from oil spills. Since the deadly BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in April, these bacteria have largely eaten the huge deep-sea plume of dispersed oil fouling the Gulf of Mexico. With a mixture of indigenous microbes that eat up the entire oil,...  Read More

Two-Year Degrees that give $30 or More an Hour

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In the United States, full-time employees normally earn approximately $20.90 per hour that yearly being $45,000. Employees mostly want to increase their salary but due to lack of time and idea they could not think about further study. For those who have no idea about increase their salary, good news is that they can earn two-year degrees that give $30 or more an hour with out spending years in collages. To get two-year...  Read More

Lifting lighter weights for longer helps to pump iron

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New research at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, has revealed that straining to lift lighter weights, a greater number of times is also the key to build muscle size as it pumps iron until muscle fatigue sets in. People widely believe that lifting heavy weights helps to pump up muscles but it is not the only way to build muscles. Possibly, the pumping of iron is the real ingredient of boosting muscle size until...  Read More