Skoda Yeti India launch Photos : Showroom Price & Specifications

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Much awaited Skoda SUV Yeti has been launched at Delhi in India on 15th November 2010. Ambiente and Elegance are the variant of Skoda Yeti. Skoda Yeti offers a unique mix of safety, functionality, and comfort in a signature modern exterior and interior design due to some of the best solutions, from each model in the Skoda range, are integrated in Yeti. Price of the highly anticipated YETI is 14.98 lakhs (Ex Showroom Maharashtra). The...  Read More

2012 Mazda 5 : Interior Photos, Reviews & Specifications

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At the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show from the automotive experts at Motor Trend, Mazda confirmed that the version destined for the US will be unveiled. The redesigned 2012 small minivan (2012 Mazda 5) is likely the last Mazda to bear the “Nagare” design language and it will have a restructured interior and a more fuel-efficient engine. In March it was showed for the 1st time at this year’s edition of Geneva...  Read More

Blackberry Bold 9780: Price, Release date & Review

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The newest 3G smartphone of RIM, BlackBerry Bold 9780 is going to release in mid November this year. But, there is good news for all BlackBerry fans that the specification and other details of mobile are leaked now. Check out the price, specifications, features and review of Blackberry Bold 9780 below. The RIM BlackBerry Bold 9780 is a thinner, lighter and updated version of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone, which...  Read More

EA launched Monopoly, Dead Space 2, Need For Speed games for Apple iOS

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Outside the iPad version of Dead Space 2, Electronic Arts (EA) launched two IPAD versions of Monopoly Need for Speed games for Apple iOS. EA is working on ports of Dead Space 2, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and even an ad-supported, subscription-optional version of Pogo, the company’s casual online games portal. It becomes hard sometimes to understand the appeal of full-size games shrunk down to Apple handhelds,...  Read More

Yamaha Spark 135cc Scooter in India: Specs, Price & Review

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Yamaha, a famous two-wheeler manufacturer going to introduce Scooters in Indian Market. In India, Yamaha plan to launch Yamaha -50 cc Neo, Yamaha 115cc Fino and the Yamaha 135cc Spark. With this, Yamaha planning to snatch the Indian scooter market which is getting high day by day. There is very tough competition for Yamaha as already the scooter market has been conquered by Activa, TVS Scooty pep and the Hero Honda Pleasure....  Read More

Researcher‎ Says UFO Over Chinese Airport will Appear Again

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Again, on 11th September, 2010 air traffic controllers saw UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object) buzzing at the airport. Due to this, Chinese airport was closed for over an hour last month and other flights were reportedly directed to circle the airport until the UFO disappeared. Since June, it has been reported in China eighth time. Observers saw a bright light shining in the sky which is close to Baotou airport, Inner...  Read More

Comet Hartley 2 2010 Comes Close To Earth 20th October

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Comet Hartley 2 was revealed by Australian astronomer Malcolm Hartley. Comet Hartley 2 will make its closest approach to Earth, coming within 11.2 million miles, after a few days approximately on 20th October. Because of Comet’s vividness, we would be able view with naked eyes in the early morning sky. Those who want to see the Comet, should stay away from the city lights and look to the east before sunrise. This year,...  Read More

Acer Aspire G5900 Predator Gaming Desktop to wow gamers

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A new powerful gaming Acer Aspire G5900 Predator Gaming Desktop to wow gamers in the European market has been launched by Acer that called the Acer Aspire G5900 Predator. The Acer Aspire G5900 Predator is a gaming desktop based on Intel LGA 1156 that offers the performance of the powerful Intel Core i processor. Acer is eager to launch new systems, as is made obvious by how it has set the Aspire G5900 Predator, one of...  Read More

Orb MP-1 Music Player features revealed

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Orb is very well known for its media streaming software, but not as a player in the hardware segment. Orb MP-1 Music Player features revealed which are given below. Orb’s software is used in many folks to placeshift their personal music, photos, videos, live television, and Internet music and video streams from their home PC to their TV, stereo, iPad, mobile phones, PDAs or laptops. Audio streaming from a computer...  Read More

Eizo FlexScan T2351W Multitouch LCD Monitor announced

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Eizo FlexScan T2351W, a new 23-inch multitouch LCD monitor has been announced by Japanese based EIZO Nanao Corporation on Thursday. The Eizo FlexScan T2351W Multitouch LCD Monitor has fastness with non-scratch touch surface, a good image-quality and design. It is appropriate for offices, libraries, schools and home. The latest Multitouch LCD monitor consists of infrared touchscreen that allows for operation even through...  Read More