Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro is Samsung Galaxy S3 cheapest Alternative

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After capturing the Indian market with new smartphones, Samsung is enjoying this happy phase of it in the market. One after one market is flooded with the Samsung brand mobile phones. If you are looking for Samsung Galaxy S3, but could not afford it then here is good news for you as this Korean headset maker has decided to launch its new Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro in India at the price of Rs 17,290. Now talking about...  Read More

Samsung Vibrant 4G gets release date

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The official news has been leaked that ‘Samsung Vibrant 4G’ will be available with T-mobile. The release date of Samsung Vibrant 4G is scheduled to be 23 February. This Vibrant 4G will allegedly provide HSPA+ network and other enhancements like video conferencing capabilities. It will be the fastest phone with the 21 mbps download speed in among all Samsung mobile phones. Many specifications have come out about the...  Read More

Samsung SCX-3201 in India: Price & Review of World’s Smallest Laser Printer

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Samsung SCX-3201 is the world’s Smallest and multi-functional Laser Printer, which has been launched by the Samsung Electronics. The users can able to get the good quality print and variety of functionalities in a small package. Review and price of the Samsung SCX-3201 in India are given below. Samsung SCX-3201 is ‘three in one’ device because it permits the consumers to print, copy and scan. It got the small size...  Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 : Release Date and Specifications

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The second generation Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy 2 will be rolled out by Samsung. Get the information about its Release Date and Specifications here. The first-generation Samsung Galaxy Tab has been available for some days in selected countries only. Samsung has brought a huge surprise by unveiling about the Tab 2. It was supposed that the current model would come with a Super AMOLED panel. It will come with a new generation...  Read More

Free Download Samsung Wave Games & App for 525, 533, 575 and 723

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One of the largest electronics company, Samsung is going to offer free download Samsung Wave Games to its users. Users of Samsung Wave 525, 533, 575 and 723 smartphone can easily download wave games and different types of apps. Users can download Samsung Wave games like: FIFA 10 Tetris Refresh Spore Creatures Assassin’s Creed II  Read More → Read More

Samsung R480-11 Notebook Review: Price, Specs & Battery Life

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The Samsung R480-11 Notebook has Crystal Wave Design and it looks astonishing. Below get reviews, price, specifications & battery life of R480-11 Notebook. The main attractive features of Samsung’s R480-11 include Access HD Blu-ray movies with Disc Optical Drive, Maximum High Definition content on the go, as well as Island keyboard, Type faster with fewer errors. Product Features Island keyboard: Type faster...  Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab User Guide For Verizon Leaked

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The official user manual of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab has been leaked before the launch of device. Rumors are spread that the Samsung Galaxy Tab on UK Verizon Wireless is going to launch on 1st November, 2010. The price of Samsung Galaxy Tab is not yet disclosed. Though the user guide for Verizon’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab does not contain complete information of product but it provides some idea about...  Read More

Kanex iAdapt C30 Review: DVI Adapter for Apple Cinema Display

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Kanex has announced a Mini DisplayPort called iAdapt C30, Dual-Link DVI-D adapter for Apple Cinema Display. It has more video abilities with 30-inch monitors. Find features, specification and review of iAdapt C30 here. The iAdapt C30 is a miniaturized version of DisplayPort technology usually that is found on Apple computers. This cable offers you to expand or mirror your Mini DisplayPort equipped Apple MacBook, MacBook...  Read More

Samsung Wave 575 Specs & Review – GT-S5750 comes with Bada OS

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Samsung is already in the market with Wave 525 and Wave 533. Today new device Wave 575 or GT-S5750 with Bada OS is announced by the Samsung. Specifications and features of the upcoming sixth Bada OS handset are given here. If we consider the specifications of Wave 575 then they are similar to handset Wave 525. Main difference is that Wave 575 supports 3G HSDPA, whereas Wave 525 and the other models go with EDGE. Other...  Read More

Samsung NF310 Specs, Release Date and Price of Dual Core Netbook

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The new high-end net-book, Samsung NF310 will be available this fall of 2010 online at select retail locations. There are a decent set of specs that sounds a little on the fancy side. An “ultra compact”, the NF310 offers “premium portable performance.” It provides a performance bump over the single core net-books because a dual core Intel Atom N550 processor is added in it. The cost of Samsung NF310 is about $399....  Read More