Aspirin Low Dose Can protect Against Colon Cancer

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Aspirin low dose (75 mg/day) can lessen the risk of developing colon cancer by 24 percent and deaths by a 35 percent, according to the study. Daily low doses of Aspirin are already suggested for patients at threat of a heart attack or a stroke by many doctors. In developed countries, colon cancer is the 2nd most common cancer with around one million new cases and 6,00,000 deaths worldwide annually. Aspirin high doses...  Read More

DISH Network off some Fox Channels to air

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Customers of DISH Network are not currently able to view several Fox sports networks plus FX and the National Geographic Channel due to a contract dispute between both companies, which is quickly turning into a heated war of words so DISH Network off some Fox Channels to air. A strident consumer campaign was introduced by DISH against Fox, protesting what DISH said was a more than 50 percent hike in licensing fees. DISH...  Read More

Jaime Edmondson Does NFL Fashion Photos for

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Jaime Faith Edmondson, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader has posed the football fashion photos for in order to showcase a new clothing line of NFL.‎ In NFL Fashion posed photos, Jaime appears hot and sexy with the jerseys of different teams. In tiny football fashion, Jaime Edmonson has given hot and sexy poses. The cheerleader had a photo shoot for the website for presenting...  Read More

NFL Player McKinley Found Dead – Just Like Damien Nash?

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NFL Player Kenny McKinley was found dead in his home on Monday at 3:35 p.m. local time in an apparent suicide.  Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson found McKinley’s body in the second-floor master bedroom. According to his report, 23 year old, McKinley was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Robinson said authorities were called by McKinley’s unnamed female friend, who found the body after returning...  Read More

Ryan Mathews’ injury creates problem for San Diego Chargers

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For the 2010 National Football League (NFL) draft, Ryan Mathews was drafted by the San Diego Chargers with the 12th overall pick. He has signed a five-year, $26.65 million contract including the $15 million guaranteed with the Chargers on August 1, 2010. On Sunday 19 September, 2010, Chargers rookie running back Ryan Mathews was helped off the field during the first half against the Jaguars. According to NFL Network’s...  Read More

NFL Battel of Archie Manning’s Son – Eli & Peyton

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For much-ballyhooed Battle of the NFL, Peyton and Eli Manning take the field Sunday in Manning Bowl II. Archie and his wife, Olivia, plan to keep quiet to watch their two boys in Sunday night’s showdown between the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Elder brother, Cooper Manning who had won 2 Super Bowl NFL quarterbacks is acutely interested as he is the sole person who can accurately say “Whassup...  Read More

Ashley Manning – Peyton Manning’s Wife Hot in Search Over NFL Bowl

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Peyton is extensively recognized in America for playing in Manning Bowl II against his brother Eli Manning though his wife Ashley Manning keeps a lower profile. In media and people there is also a rumor that Peyton Manning had divorce with Ashley. Peyton wins Manning Bowl II and gave younger brother Eli a quarterback master class by tossing three touchdowns to lead the Indianapolis Colts of a 38-14 victory over the New...  Read More

Ines Sainz pictures on hot demand after her harassment case

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Ines Sainz is a female sports reporter who is on hot search on web after her harassment case. Ines Sainz is known as the “hottest sports reporter in Mexico” as she was born in Queretaro, Santiago Queretaro in the beautiful country of Mexico. For TV Azteca, she is hosting “Los Protagonistas” and “De Safari” at present. Ines Sainz has been chosen as one of the top 5 sexiest sports reporters in the world by FHM. Ines...  Read More

Reporter Ines sainz Got Harassment from New York Jets

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Reporter Ines sainz Got Harassment from New York Jets news make Ines sainz’s wikipedia page hot on web. Ines Sainz is a female sports reporter with pretty sexy body and blonde hair. She is assigned as a sideline reporter for Mexico’s TV Azteca. Sainz Gallo, 32, was born in Queretaro, Santiago Queretaro in the beautiful country of Mexico. Currently, she is hosting “Los Protagonistas” and “De Safari”...  Read More

Faith Hill’s Pigskins Pick ‘Em contest to Predict NFL Winners

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An American country singer, Faith Hill one more time invited for the Pigskins Pick ‘Em contest for the prediction of NFL Winners during the Fan Contest. On Thursday, the major professional American football league, NFL 2010-2011 has started at the Louisiana Superdome. Faith Hill sang a NFL Sunday Night Football opening theme song “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” and summoned her fans for taking part in a contest...  Read More