Coby Kyros $300 Android tablet: Specs & Review

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An electronics corporation, Coby has introduced its first Android internet tablet named as Kyros. The Android tablet, Kyros has 7 inch resistive touchscreen display and an HDMI port as well as 4GB of storage capacity and a microSD card slot for expansion. The Coby Kyros will be priced at $300 that can be purchased from the Home Shopping Network. Below the specifications & review of Coby Kyros Android tablet are mentioned. With...  Read More

AOL Webmail : Login to to access emails

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AOL provides a web-based email (webmail) service, AOL Mail. Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail are the main competitors of AOL Mail. Sometimes AOL is referred as AIM Mail, “AIM” stands for AOL Instant Messenger, AOL’s instant messaging program. AOL Mail is free service by which users can quickly access to everything they need to stay in touch with email, AIM, content, contacts, SMS and much...  Read More

bModo12 Tablet Specs & Review: Featuring Windows 7 & Atom processor

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A new product named bModo12 PMD (Personal Media Device) tablet has been released by bModo, which is one of the California based company. Business, entertainment, social networking and education all are joined in a portable device that is only 14mm thin and weighs less than 2.2lbs by bModo12, versatile, modular and expandable all-in-one tablet PC. bModo12 tablet includes many improved features such as a 11.6-inch capacitive...  Read More

Government Licensing Internet – A Proposal By Microsoft

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As a way to improve cybersecurity, the Government Licensing Internet idea is proposed by Microsoft which would open the door for government licensing to access the Internet. By this proposal, federal authorities would be able to block individual computers from linking towards the world extensive internet under the pretext of stopping malware attacks, thereby curbing cyberthreats soon after they start. A new government...  Read More

Onkyo Windows 7 Slates – 3 New Tablets unveiled

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Generally we do not see more than one Tablet PC issued from a company but Onkyo has updated its Windows tablet that contributions in Japan with three new tablets depend on the Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft. More information about Onkyo Windows 7 Slates is given below. Onkyo is a Japanese consumer electronics maker, especially in home cinema and audio equipment including receivers and surround sound speakers....  Read More

Acer Aspire G5900 Predator Gaming Desktop to wow gamers

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A new powerful gaming Acer Aspire G5900 Predator Gaming Desktop to wow gamers in the European market has been launched by Acer that called the Acer Aspire G5900 Predator. The Acer Aspire G5900 Predator is a gaming desktop based on Intel LGA 1156 that offers the performance of the powerful Intel Core i processor. Acer is eager to launch new systems, as is made obvious by how it has set the Aspire G5900 Predator, one of...  Read More

HP unveil HP TouchSmart 310, HP TouchSmart tm2 and Omni100 Desktop PC

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HP has unveiled three new all-in-one PCs today, including the HP TouchSmart 310, HP TouchSmart tm2 convertible notebook and the HP Omni100 desktop. With the latest evolution of touch experience, HP has announced the redesigned HP TouchSmart310 desktop PC that features a sleek, appealing new form and the most advanced version of HP‘s exclusive TouchSmart software to date. Also, the HP has launched the new HP TouchSmart...  Read More

Tony Hsieh is Making $36000 PA By Amazon

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Last year, Amazon bought Zappos, the $1+ billion e-commerce business which is one of the most striking Internet success stories in recent years. The Zappos Empire was not created overnight but ten years were taken to create it. The online retailer recognized for selling shoes was actually anxious for sales before Ten years. In the year 1999, a young Tony Hsieh came aboard who is a business consultant and investor. The...  Read More

Internet Explorer 9 Beta user interface screenshots leaked

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Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner has revealed Internet Explorer 9 Beta user interface screenshots. According to Tom Warren of Neowin, Internet Explorer 9 will get a much needed facelift before it is released to public while most of the UI is currently same as its predecessor. Screenshots show off the new Download Manager and Google Chrome like “Popular Sites” page in action. The above screenshot leaked...  Read More

Acer Dual-screen Notebook with Core i5 Processor leaked

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Acer’s Dual-screen traditional Notebook design which comes with Core i5 Processor leaked on 11th September, 2010. TechReviewSource spotted the prototype that would have two 15-inch displays. Two of these displays are of touchscreens one or the other could replace the physical traditional keyboard and trackpad with touch input for both. For special tasks, these screens would support multi-touch and could switch to drawing...  Read More