Samsung Vibrant 4G gets release date

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The official news has been leaked that ‘Samsung Vibrant 4G’ will be available with T-mobile. The release date of Samsung Vibrant 4G is scheduled to be 23 February. This Vibrant 4G will allegedly provide HSPA+ network and other enhancements like video conferencing capabilities. It will be the fastest phone with the 21 mbps download speed in among all Samsung mobile phones. Many specifications have come out about the...  Read More

Project Firefly: Sikorsky Project Electric Helicopter Demonstrator ready

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The “Project Firefly,” an all-electric helicopter technology demonstrator has been unveiled by Sikorsky Innovations at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture exhibition. The Project Firefly is based on an S-300C light helicopter and equipped with a 190-horsepower electric motor replacing the standard piston-engine and lithium ion battery packs added to either side of the cabin that will keep the electric...  Read More