Eva Longoria in Ham Dress at MTV Music Awards‎ 2010

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An American actress and star of the “Desperate Housewives”,  Eva Longoria Parker hosted the MTV Europe Awards 2010 event with sporting herself in Spanish Ham Dress and trumped Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress. Eva Longoria impressed all audience. The MTV Music Awards‎ 2010 was held on Sunday, November 7th at The Magic Box in Madrid. The charming 35-year-old, Eva Longoria said prior to the ceremony that...  Read More

Regis And Kelly Halloween 2010 Costume Pictures

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Regis and Kelly’s Halloween Costume are once again amusing and a must see this year (2010). Get the different Regis And Kelly Halloween 2010 Costume Pictures from this article. All Hallow’s Eve has become an institution on daytime TV from The TODAY Show to Rachael Ray. Actually, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, small screen stars are very charmed with the ghoulish holiday that the TV hosts promise that we saw in minimum...  Read More

“Justin bieber is 51 years old” – Another web hoax

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Once again rumors related teen pop sensation Justin Bieber popped up on web. Recently, a shocking discovery is made by the Onion News Network that a 51-year-old pedophile Michael Cotes has worn as a wig and convincing rubber mask and appeared as teen Bieber for many years. According to The Onion, Justin Bieber is a “well concealed 51-year-old pedophile.” An Investigator said, “In retrospect“,...  Read More

MTV VMA 2010 Winners List

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Check out the list of the winner of MTV Video Music Award which is given below. MTV Video Music Award is organized annually. Awards Ceremony is conducted for an appreciation of millions of youth from teens to 20-somethings each year. MTV Video Music Award is awarded by the cable network MTV to celebrate the top music videos of the year. The show began with a performance of Eminem. He started the show by singing song...  Read More

Lady Gaga’s VMA 2010 Redcarpet Costume Photos

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Lady Gaga won MTV Video Music Awards on September 12, 2010 in Los Angeles. The eye sight of the audition was only at Lady Gaga because she was looking gorgeous in her Costume at VMA 2010 Redcarpet. Lady Gaga was nabbing six Moonmen including the night’s biggest award of ‘Video of the Year’. The show was hosted by comedienne Chelsea Handler. Lady Gaga wore a gold feathered mohawk at the 2010 MTV Video Music...  Read More

Win Justin Bieber Concert Sweepstakes on

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The official website of Justin Bieber Concert Sweepstakes is Enter For your chance to win! Here you can read complete information of Justin Bieber Concert Sweepstakes. About Company: Proactiv Solutions is a over the counter acne product developed by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields in 1994.  The product was mainly sold through infomercials and mall kiosks as it was one of the original acne preventative...  Read More

Justin Bieber Takes Estrogen Pills – Another web Hoax about Justin Bieber

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Another web hoax about the teen star Justin Bieber is that he takes estrogen pills. Justin Bieber is only 16 year old, so this could be not possible. The other side of the news about Justin is that he is nominated for Best New Artist at the VMA. It is not clear that why people construct these false rumors and targeting him. If it is simply that the people doing it are trying to convince a younger audience that he is...  Read More

Justin Bieber Smoking Weed news is fake

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News about Canadian pop-R&B singer, Justin Bieber Smoking Weed is fake, untrue stories have been spreaded against him on internet. Fans of Bieber call him ‘Beliebers’, they are searching on internet to try and find any latest information about Justin Bieber. No photos of Justin are yet available with smoking weed, so it is not true that Justin is smoking. “Justin Bieber smokes weed” only looks like...  Read More

‘Justin Bieber molest fans’ Hoax still Continue

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The hoax or a rumor that ‘Justin Bieber molest fans’ was spreaded after the photo of Justin Bieber from the filming of the series CSI was posted on his Twitter profile. The photo on Justin Bieber’s twitter profile shows Justin Bieber handcuffed, but still well suited as given below. It was new rumor about Justin Bieber under “Justin Bieber Molests Fan” becomes so trendy that even far up...  Read More

Justin Bieber Molests his Fans via his CSI appearance

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From last one hour everyone is searching for ‘Justin Bieber Molests Fan’. What you think did Justin Bieber really Molests Fan? No there is not really anything like Molesting. Justin Bieber wanna be bad man in his upcoming appearance on CSI drama TV Episode. We got a hold of the original picture and posted it below. Justin Bieber tweeted this photo to his fans earlier today from his upcoming appearance on...  Read More