Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak release & Outage

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After remarkable release by the Chronic Dev Team i.e. Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak at, the website is in outage due to heavy traffic of downloading. The newest Untethered Jailbreak is Windows, Mac and PC based tool that jailbreaks all new generation iOS 4.2.1 supported devices. The team of the Chronic Dev launched GreenPois0n RC5 recently. Actually GreenPois0n RC5 is an untethered jailbreak for iOS...  Read More

Free Download Samsung Wave Games & App for 525, 533, 575 and 723

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One of the largest electronics company, Samsung is going to offer free download Samsung Wave Games to its users. Users of Samsung Wave 525, 533, 575 and 723 smartphone can easily download wave games and different types of apps. Users can download Samsung Wave games like: FIFA 10 Tetris Refresh Spore Creatures Assassin’s Creed II  Read More → Read More

White iPhone 4 release date before christmas, Steve Jobs Hint

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Lastly, much waited White iPhone 4 release date is expected before Christmas on the base of Steve Jobs hint. The news about White iPhone 4 release date is arrived when one Apple fan sent email to Steve Jobs for asking the release date of White iPhone 4 and in reply Steve Jobs gave hint of release. However, at the Apple event that took place at the starting of the month, Steve Jobs has not declared any release details. The...  Read More

iPhone 6 Concept Design: Future iPhone with Large Screen

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iPhone 6 Concept design is a creative idea of Archil Vardidze Designer. The iPhone 6 design has the single-button simplicity of the iPhone having a large screen. Button material has altered and the device is well equipped with aluminum shell. This iphone looks a slight thicker than the iPhone 4 and also more rugged. Good news for users is that the external antenna problems have been solved by iPhone 6 Concept Design....  Read More

Duracell Mygrid Wireless Charging Pad New Ad Launched

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Duracell Mygrid Wireless Charging Pad is a wirelessly charging all of your mobile devices. Onto the myGrid charger mat 4 devices can be placed for instant charging. There are no cord clutter, no more charging cables except one powering myGrid and it charges as fast as a standard USB 2.0 charger. The kit contains a charging pad, adapters or a separate case for a specific device such as an iPhone or Blackberry and 1 Duracell...  Read More

GeoHot To Release LimeRa1n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Soon

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A famous hacker of iphone ‘George Hotz’ that mostly known as GeoHo, will now come back with release Jailbreak exploit as LimeRa1n iOS 4.1 for all iDevices including iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G. GeoHot’s latest Jailbreak will be launched on 11th October 2010. GeoHot is famed and apparently “retired” hacker. GeoHot declared a release day after GreenP0ison’s slated release date with a jailbreak that would activate...  Read More

Samsung SGH-i916 (Cetus) Windows Phone 7 handset pictured with iPhone 4

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Samsung SGH-i916 (Cetus) most probably is a slight variation to the GH-i917 Samsung Cetus smartphone. It is the latest Windows Phone 7 smartphone to be caught in the wild. It was taken away quickly after birth but actually a Samsung Cetus like smartphone was recently captured hanging out with an iPhone 4 over in Canada. Maybe The Samsung SGH-i916 is a slight digit off from being an identical twin to the Cetus, but it...  Read More

MasterCard launches MoneySend app for BlackBerry

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MasterCard has launched MoneySend application for BlackBerry. MoneySend offers users with a handy tool to transfer money (in the U.S.) between each other and to pay for items using their BlackBerry devices. Just like a prepaid mobile credit card, MoneySend is used to transfer money to and from with an existing credit card or banking account. If you are interested in MoneySend application then you first need to set-up...  Read More

DBS Internet Banking iPhone Application Review

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Now, all Android and iPhone users can do their Internet Banking at their convenience. Get the DBS Internet Banking iPhone Application user review here and information about how to use DBS Internet Banking on iPhone. For their Internet Banking user, DBS bank, the Development Bank of Singapore launched a full iPhone Application. With the iPhone, one can download an actual app and find out the DBS online banking website...  Read More

Kobo E-Reader Desktop Software for Windows and Mac released

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Kobo (E-book reader service and hardware maker) releases an app known as the Kobo Desktop Application for Windows and Mac. A global eReading service, Kobo announced an app called the Kobo Desktop Application for Windows and Mac. It is free, downloadable application available at the official website ( This software helps the users to read and build a digital library even one can shop for eBooks directly...  Read More