Is Scam or Legit? – Review of PTC site

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Treasure Trooper is a PTC site where supposedly you can earn money by doing some easy stuff like completing surveys and playing games. Find out here whether the site is legitimate or it’s just a scam. Treasure Trooper is very popular PTC site that has been online for many years. There are literally countless ways to make some extra bucks on this site such as paid surveys, tasks, offers, contests, games, shopping, cash...  Read More

How to Apply and Track HDFC Credit Card?

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Credit cards are really popular nowadays because of their convenient use. Some years ago, it was little uncomfortable to carry lots of money in purse while going out for shopping or going on vacation. But due to almost all banks’ credit card facility, it becomes really easy for people to access their bank account without visiting their bank branch physically and still being capable of doing almost all banking transactions....  Read More

Amazon to launch streaming service

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Amazon customers will be able to enjoy many different range of the films immediately because Amazon is planning to explore new streaming service. Customers will be permit to watch TV shows and movies on internet through Amazon streaming service by paying the subscription fee. Image source: is multinational electronic company that was created as an online bookstore but later the company...  Read More

Egypt Government Shutdown Internet

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Internet providers have been ordered to shut down all international connections to the internet by the Egyptian government. After watching the youtube video, in which brutal police force shoot a man, Egyptian authorities have blocked internet access and text messaging. Image source: The shut down on Friday was estimated as an unprecedented in the history of internet by an American Company, Renesys which...  Read More

Sidharth Mallya – New Boyfriend of Deepika Padukone

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After long time of broken up with Ranbir Kpoor, the gorgeous Dipika Padukone now frankly flaunted her relationship with her new boyfriend, Sidharth Mallya who is the son of owner of Kingfisher Airlines Vijay Malya. Even in public places, Deepika is quite comfortable to give pose for photographs with her boyfriend Siddharth. In these days both were in Goa and where both willingly posed for snaps. Even, they provided their...  Read More

POSB Internet Banking Login guide for Singapore users

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Refer POSB Internet Banking Login guide, which is provided to the convenience of Singapore users. POSB iBanking users will get more than 85 services online. Screenshot of About POSB Before merged with DBS Bank in November 1998, POSB served as a major public bank, the Post Office Savings Bank, offer low-cost banking services to Singaporeans. Post Office Savings Bank was launched by the British...  Read More

FEMA Camps on TruTV’s Conspiracy Theory

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The FEMA camps issue came into limelight with the help of the Infowars supporters though the Television media deprived of covering the FEMA camps issue and now it is a hot search over the internet which is ahead of the TruTV’s Conspiracy Theory – Bombshell investigation into FEMA camps. For American Citizens, Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Proves FEMA Camps Exist in new Episode is scheduled to air on Friday,...  Read More

Reliance Big Net Radio: Reliance’s Internet Talk Radio in India

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Anil Ambani’s Reliance Broadcast Network Limited’s (RBNL) digital wing has launched India’s first ever Talk Internet Radio, which is named as BIG Net Radio that allows users to listen radio channels over Internet. To appeal audiences who seek quick and brief entertainment capsules which help them de-stress, the content available on BIG Net Radio has been designed. The content will be all “talk” array from Bollywood...  Read More

Coby Kyros $300 Android tablet: Specs & Review

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An electronics corporation, Coby has introduced its first Android internet tablet named as Kyros. The Android tablet, Kyros has 7 inch resistive touchscreen display and an HDMI port as well as 4GB of storage capacity and a microSD card slot for expansion. The Coby Kyros will be priced at $300 that can be purchased from the Home Shopping Network. Below the specifications & review of Coby Kyros Android tablet are mentioned. With...  Read More

UOB Internet Banking (iBanking) Singapore – Service Review

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Take advantage of various UOB Internet Banking services after login at Get reviews of United Overseas Bank (UOB) located in Singapore. UOB internet banking provides services such as Personal internet banking, Business internet banking, Privilege Banking, and Private Banking service. Various features such as check balance, manage account anytime, check account history are included in the UOB Internet Banking....  Read More