Winners list of Oscar 2011

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Every year, American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents the Academy Awards, “Oscars” award. The 83rd Academy Awards, Oscar 2011 was held on 27th February, Sunday. Actor James Franco and actress Anne Hathaway have beautifully co-hosted this year’s Oscars with old-fashioned Hollywood panache. Do you know who have won 2011 Oscars? Get complete winners list of 2011 Academy Award. Image Source: At...  Read More

Jennifer Aniston’s New Haircut Makeover Pictures

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Haircut makeover becomes trend in Hollywood as Justin Bieber cuts his hair and now news comes out about Jennifer’s hair cutting. American actress and movie director, Jennifer Aniston, has cut her beautiful long hair to short bob hair cut. Jennifer Aniston’s long layers hair was her signature look for years therefore many fans will shock to see Jennifer in a new shoulder-length bob hair style. It may be her belated...  Read More

Emma Stone’s New Hairstyle for Spiderman Movie

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Fiery red hair famed American actress, Emma Stone came into view another time with her blonde hair on Sunday night during the Golden Globes Award event in Los Angeles. Emma Stone has changed her hairstyle for a lead role as blonde Gwen Stacy, a love interest with new Spidey-man (Peter Parker) in the Marc Webb’s coming Spider Man movie. Her recently bleached hair looks more natural than her flame-colored locks. First...  Read More

Nicki Minaj Right Thru Me official Video Shoot

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Last week, Nicki Minaj, an American rapper shot one more video, titled “Right Thru Me” that featured in her upcoming album “Pink Friday”. Watch the following posted official video of “Right Thru Me” in which the rapper looks like another girl. The theme of the song is based on the ups and downs in relationship of boy and girl. Actually Nicki’s video of “Right Thru Me” is the third official single from...  Read More

Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Model for New Gucci

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Adorable kids of famous Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez have made their debut in modeling, world of glamour and fashion for children’s new clothing line of Gucci‎. Twins of Jennifer Lopez, Max and Emme are two-and-a-half-year-old and following the footsteps of their 40-year-old mother. For a shoot on the beach, Jennifer Lopez’s twins wore Gucci’s finest kiddies’ threads alongside their mother. Max...  Read More

Tyler Perry on Oprah 2010 show for child Molestation

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Yesterday, Tyler Perry visited his friend and “Precious” co-producer Oprah Winfrey on her hit talk show to talk about his experience of being molested as a child. He told Oprah about spending most of his 20s in the “dark” as he was dealing with his agonizing childhood. In southern theatre, Tyler Perry is a successful artist. He is an American director, screenwriter, actor, playwright, author and producer....  Read More

David Arquette’s New Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz Photos

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Rumors are spread that David Arquette is dating with Jasmine Waltz, bartender in Hollywood. On Monday, David Arquette and her ex-wife Courteney Cox have been separated. The reason behind their separation is Jasmine Waltz. David Arquette and Courtney Cox have a six-year-old daughter whose name is Coco. The custody of their daughter yet not decided but controversies will be raised in the near future if indeed the breakup...  Read More

Tony Curtis Funeral Arrangement Photos

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On Monday, Actor Tony Curtis, the father of Jamie Lee Curtis, was buried in Las Vegas. His son placed a flower on the famous actor’s casket during his funeral as last goodbye. Things like a Stetson hat, an Armani scarf, driving gloves, an iPhone and a copy of his favorite novel, “Anthony Adverse,” a book that inspired his celebrity name and launched a robust film career that spanned decades and genres...  Read More

Cybill Shepherd Linda Evans and Teri Hatcher On Oprah’s Show to Discuss Aging

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On Thursday, actresses Cybill Shepherd (“Moonlighting”), Linda Evans (“Dynasty”) and Teri Hatcher (“Desperate Housewives”) visited “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to discuss about the issue of aging, beauty and what our society says to women as they grow older. Teri Hatcher says of her now-infamous no-make-up pictures that circulated on the internet, “You feel like: ‘Isn’t...  Read More

Lauren Conrad in New reality show with Audrina Patridge

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One of the original cast members of The Hills, Lauren Conrad is back in business on MTV’s new reality show. With a brand new reality show, Lauren Conrad tries to shine brighter than her former co-star Audrina Patridge. The name of the show will be declared next week. It will be telecasted in mid-October. The blond beauty is getting own reality show, and multiple networks have been “fighting over it,” According to...  Read More