New Hope in HIV Prevention Drug

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As per the researchers, for the first time, New Hope in HIV Prevention Drug is that HIV infection can be blocked by a drug duo which is widely used for treating the AIDS virus. Now minimum 56 countries have steady or declining incidence of HIV/AIDS, announced by UNAIDS. For every one, still two new infections are put on antiretroviral therapy on World AIDS Day this week. The global AIDS epidemic has become for the better...  Read More

Powerful HIV antibodies Found – It can help to create HIV Vaccine‎

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Scientists have made a remarkable discovery that may be the key to an AIDS/HIV vaccine. Two potent human antibodies have been identified that can stop more than 90 percent all HIV strains from infecting human cells. Antibodies called VRCO1 and VRCO2 deactivate more HIV strains with more force than any other known antibodies to the virus. These antibodies could be used to design enhanced HIV vaccines, or could be further...  Read More

HIV Fighting Immune Cells created in Lab

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Recently, scientists have reported success in creating an immune cell that appears to fight off the deadly HIV infection in lab mice. Lab experiments done by scientists on mice have led to an extraordinary discovery of how to close a door to the virus that causes AIDS. First time, Researchers at UCLA AIDS Institute have demonstrated a human blood stem cell that can fight against HIV; all begins with an immune cell that...  Read More

June 27, Saturday is National HIV Testing Day

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On Saturday June 27 is marked with the National HIV Testing Day (NHTD), which is a yearly campaign, coordinated by the National Association of People with AIDS to encourage people of all ages to “Take the Test, Take Control.” This is only one day of the year when local health departments and community-based organizations work in together to give HIV testing opportunities for at-risk populations. On National...  Read More