LED lights damage eyes study Says

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LED lights are present in every electronic gadget from your personal computer to street light. We can say that it is Eco-friendly energy source, but is it really friendly to ourselves? As per the report of the Madrid’s Complutense University, frequent exposure of LED light can damage human eyes permanently. It damages the retina and no other eye surgery can re-grow damage part of retina that leads to permanent blindness. As...  Read More

Trypophobia Causes & Cure

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Trypophobia is a strong fear of the different categories of holes whether in clusters or not. It results in an all- over tickly feeling and common nervousness. There are many causes behind this situation and treatment is also available for Trypophobia that is given here. According to some sources, phobia was given the name trypophobia by the Oxford English Dictionary on May 23rd, 2005. A phobia is illogical fear or a...  Read More

Jaggery Health benefits – Janamashtmi recipe

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Jaggery is known as the “medicinal sugar” as it has different health benefits to help in overall wellness of a person. Jaggery Janamashtmi recipe is beneficial for health so read its benefits below. Jaggery is a pure, wholesome, unrefined whole sugar with natural goodness of minerals and vitamins. It is produced from sugarcanes. It is a healthy alternative to white refined sugar. It has sucrose and glucose as well...  Read More

HIV Fighting Immune Cells created in Lab

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Recently, scientists have reported success in creating an immune cell that appears to fight off the deadly HIV infection in lab mice. Lab experiments done by scientists on mice have led to an extraordinary discovery of how to close a door to the virus that causes AIDS. First time, Researchers at UCLA AIDS Institute have demonstrated a human blood stem cell that can fight against HIV; all begins with an immune cell that...  Read More

Whooping Cough – New precautions advised

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California is calling the outbreak an epidemic, after 910 cases of whooping cough that have left five babies dead. New warnings are out to fight California’s current epidemic of whooping cough. 75 cases have been reported in Kern County and due to the outbreak, parents are now recommended to start getting babies vaccinated sooner, and adults should also get booster shoots of vaccine. In California, total 910 cases...  Read More

Italy Alert on Blue Mozzarella cheese

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Recently, Italian official has launched an international on mozzarella cheese due to possible contamination of it after balls of the creamy white delicacy turned blue. People all over the continent reported that the milky-white cheese quickly developed a bluish tint when the package opened. After receiving reports from consumers around the country, Italian police sequestered 70,000 mozzarella balls from supermarkets. Italy...  Read More

Getting angry is good for the heart

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'Getting mad is good for your health' research has found We have heard lots of disadvantages of anger, but recent science stury revealed scoking new is that ‘Getting angry is good for the heart.’ The emotion actually reduces the negative impact of stress, according to scientists. It may contradict common wisdom but getting angry is good for you it seems. It increases blood flow to part of the brain...  Read More