Tropical Storm Bonnie 2010 : Projected path & updates

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NASSAU, Bahamas – The cluster of storms passing through Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, and Haiti has become more organized. The National Hurricane Center has been monitoring this system as Invest AL97 and has increased the chance of naming this a tropical storm in the next 48 hours up to 70%. Winds need to reach 40 mph for this to occur, and the storm would be named Bonnie. Tropical Storm Bonnie 2010 : Projected...  Read More

Gulf oil leak still an issue as BP’s top kill effort failed

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The worst oil spill in the U.S. history is still an issue, as BP’s effort to stop it ended in the failure on saturday. BP was unable to overwhelm the gusher of crude with heavy fluids and junk. The oil giant immediately began readying its next try to fix, using robot submarines for cuttingĀ  the pipe that’s gushing the oil and cap it with funnel-like device, but the only guaranteed solution remains more than...  Read More