The Holiday Google Doodle replaces Google Corporate Logo today

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For celebrating the holidays, today Google Corporate Logo has been replaced by The Holiday Google Doodle on its homepage with 17 themed doodles until the evening of December 25 (Christmas Day). This time to represent the Festive season of Christmas and New Year Google Doodle takes a different approach. As per the occasion or festival, always Google Doodle dresses up of the Google logo; however the Google corporate logo...  Read More

HTC 4G LTE Handsets to launch in Q2 of 2011

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The CEO of HTC, Peter Chou announced in an interview with Mobile World Live that they will launch 4G LTE Handsets in the second half of 2011 in USA. Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a faster mobile phone network compared to 3G or GSM. These LTE devices will run on Google’s Android and Windows Phone 7 operating systems as per Peter Chou. LTE Handsets will be equipped with NFC (Near Field Communications) technology as it...  Read More

Point Of View Mobii 7 Android Tablet : Review & Specs of 7″ tablet

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A 7-inch and 10-inch internet Mobii tablets based on Google Android have been announced today on 27th October 2010. But below you can take a look on Review & Specs of 7″ tablet. The new Mobii internet tablets are the great tools for quick and easy everyday tasks through Point of View’s outstanding hardware and Google Android’s software variety. You can check your email, read the news or even watch movies...  Read More

Who’s The Cutest search in “I’m Feeling Lucky” surprises users

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This time Google, a giant search engine brings surprise to all its users. Its fun, when you will go on Google home page at, type “Who’s the cutest?” and then click on “I’m feeling lucky” button. Once again, Google has introduced new technology that can be enjoyed by everyone, such as the next Google TV. Google Doodle has a tradition of introducing novel and entertaining doodles over and over...  Read More

Sprint Announces Android Phones and Sprint ID App Program

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Sprint is planning to introduce three economical Android phones named as LG Optimus S, Sanyo Zio and the Samsung Transform. The three phones will be first to take benefit of a new Sprint app program referred as Sprint ID. Details of Android Phones and Sprint ID App Program are mentioned below. Sprint Nextel Corporation is a telecommunications company established in Overland Park, Kansas. It possesses and operates the...  Read More

Free Download Google Chrome Browser For PC, Mac, and Linux

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On 30th September, 2010 Google Chrome Browser version 7 beta was spun out by Google. For Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame, Mountain View updated Chrome to 7.0.517.24. The latest release of Google Chrome version 7 is light on new features because of this reason, the fans of Chrome is little bit nonplussed. Blaz Pristy in the comments section of Google’s Chrome blog asked, “Beta already are you sure?” The Chocolate...  Read More

Transcend GPS Goggles Specs & Review – Recon-Zeal’s Direct to Eye GPS

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A pair of GPS goggles is a way to appear the coolest person on the incline position. With direct to eye Zeal 2010 Transcend GPS goggles, futuristic functionality will go hand in hand with style that has been ensured by Zeal Optics. The Zeal 2010 Transcend goggles are the direct to eye GPS goggles that will come to the market first time. Jeremy Gutsche is the Trend Hunter founder and when he goes skiing next year, the...  Read More

Amazon Kindle for Web beta live on your browser

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Amazon, an American-based multinational electronic commerce company has launched Kindle a web-based beta version that allow customers to read and share book sample without leaving the browser. From the new online interface, the users cannot read full books, however they require Kindle device or any free Kindle reading application set up on iTunes, Google’s Android Market, and other. Users also share samples of books...  Read More

Google Phone Gallery makes easy to compare Android Devices

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Google Phone Gallery is being rolled out by Google which is a showcase of Android-powered smartphones. Google Phone Gallery assists consumers to decide which Android phone would be best for them by the process of comparing devices. The gallery, situated at which includes all the major Android manufactures along with most of the carriers that sell their phones. Google Search, Android Market and Google...  Read More

Bom Sabado virus in orkut – A big treat for orkut

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Google’s social networking website Orkut has been attacked by virus called “Bom Sabado” on Saturday morning, which is a big treat for orkut . “Bom sabado” is a Portuguese world it means “Good Saturday” in English. Bom Sabado is an orkut virus affecting profiles of many. Those who are affected by this virus are advised to change password and security question. Log out immediately and also...  Read More