Playing Video Game an hour in day leads to success – Study says

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People think that games are the waste of time but studies show that games are really one of the most productive ways to spend time. Games help people in producing something more significant than economic bottom line such as powerful sentiments like curiosity, optimism, pride, and social connections by which lives can be changed and people can potentially get help in changing the world. According to studies, key to get...  Read More

When to Shop in 2010? Cyber Monday Or Black Friday

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Cyber Monday or Black Friday are two leading economic days for US retailers and crazy buyers. Cyber Monday and Black Friday are observed as year’s biggest holiday shopping days of United States. This year, Black Friday falls on November 26 and Cyber Monday on November 29. Cyber Monday is observed on the Monday immediately after Black Friday and the Black Friday is observed on Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the United...  Read More

Pink Phones from AT&T

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Here, the information is provided about pink cell phones from the leading provider AT&T. This guide will help those people who are searching for the best pink mobile phones. Usually, the pink is favorite color of girls. There are many pink phones available in the market from the different manufacturing companies. The pink mobile phone’s look and style gives a feminine look, so that become popular all over the world...  Read More

New Panasonic Jungle Gaming console : Price & review

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A new handheld gaming system, called “Jungle”, has been unveiled by consumer electronics company, Panasonic. Users are allowed to play games via online and MMO’s especially by the new platforms. The concept of taking MMORPGs is used to make Panasonic Jungle gaming console. A solid QWERTY keyboard, touchpad, and trigger buttons and a directional pad will be featured in the handheld device. Two set of ports such as...  Read More

Acer Aspire G5900 Predator Gaming Desktop to wow gamers

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A new powerful gaming Acer Aspire G5900 Predator Gaming Desktop to wow gamers in the European market has been launched by Acer that called the Acer Aspire G5900 Predator. The Acer Aspire G5900 Predator is a gaming desktop based on Intel LGA 1156 that offers the performance of the powerful Intel Core i processor. Acer is eager to launch new systems, as is made obvious by how it has set the Aspire G5900 Predator, one of...  Read More

Nintendo 3DS System Specifications leaked

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Nintendo, a multinational corporation has released the specs for the 3DS which will be powered twin ARM11 CPUs, one 133MHz graphics processor, 64MB of RAM and 4MB of video RAM. An event is going to taken place on 29th September, 2010 in which more technical details and a release schedule for their highly anticipated 3DS portable gaming system revealed but it seems that they might not have much left to reveal. Nintendo...  Read More

Ninja Gaiden 3 Release Date for Xbox 360 and PS3 officially announced

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Tecmo Koei have announced Ninja Gaiden 3 release date for Xbox 360 and PS3 behind closed doors at the on going Tokyo Games Show. Tecmo Koei has announced Ninja Gaiden 3. This update came out of the Tokyo Game Show 2010. Estimated release date or platforms for Xbox 360 and PS3 are not disclosed yet. This is the first new Ninja Gaiden game following endless re-releases of the original Ninja Gaiden (Ninja Gaiden Black for...  Read More

‘Star Wars Clone Wars Adventure’ Release date & Screenshots Unveiled

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The new Clone Wars Adventures website has launched which is related with PC video game. This PC video game will be launched this October. A ton of interactive features are included in this new game which is fully interactive online to wow even the most avid of SW fans! Sony Online Entertainment has marketed this game. This game is a free-to-play game; the beta for the online game is already in full swing. Star Wars Clone...  Read More

Nokia x2 launched in india : Price, Specs & Review

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Nokia has been launched Nokia x2, a new model of X-series. Especially for youth, Nokia x2 is designed, who wants to experience great music because it equipped with dual speaker which gives extendibility of sound. Nokia X2 also supports GSM / GPRS / EDGE network connectivity. Detailed information about Price, Features and specifications is given below. Nokia x2 comes with an in-built memory of 48MB and supports an extendable...  Read More

Halo Reach Ranks In Order for XBOX 360 Revealed

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Halo Reach Ranks, new system for XBOX 360 has been revealed so official Brady Games guide to Halo Reach is available on sale. People can get gaming tricks, which are impossible to get anywhere else, with this critically acclaimed Signature series, which comes with high quality strategy books revealing. The Ranking System in the Halo Reach Beta is based on Credits earned through multiplayer matches. For every match, credits...  Read More