Acer Alive app store and digital content platform launched

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Now-a-days, App stores are becoming popular among the people. After Nokia Ovi Store, Acer also launched its new app store, named as Alive digital content platform and app store. content sharing system of Acer and a slew of new hardware introductions are topics in which Acer’s Global press event focused principally although there is one tidbit of software news that appears too important to disregard. Screenshot...  Read More

Marriage Life After having a Baby

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Marriage Life becomes happy after having baby, for those parents, who considered baby as bless of god. However, many couple feels that married life becomes problematic after having baby. Many factors are responsible for both of this situation such as financial condition of the parents, family background etc. Baby not only gives a lot of enjoyment to the parents but also to the other member of family particularly if...  Read More

Capital One Online Account Services Review

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Capital One online account services provide potential and recent account owners with information and apparatus. The company offers wide information in a user-friendly format to guide online users to the information they require and want speedily. To control your account, Capital One online account service is a safe and expedient. The official site of capital one is  Read More → Read More

Jack in The Box offers 2 Free Tacos

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Jack in the Box offers customers two free tacos which is the deal of the day. There is yet a chance to get some others but two of them to be exact. For every customer, who inquires between the hours of 2 p.m. and closing on Nov. 16, without any coupon or purchase, tacos are free. This offer is part of a promotion for the chains “new and improved” 99 cent tacos. This offer is valid until supplies last. Jack in the...  Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 : Release Date and Specifications

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The second generation Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy 2 will be rolled out by Samsung. Get the information about its Release Date and Specifications here. The first-generation Samsung Galaxy Tab has been available for some days in selected countries only. Samsung has brought a huge surprise by unveiling about the Tab 2. It was supposed that the current model would come with a Super AMOLED panel. It will come with a new generation...  Read More

AT&T LG Prime Prepaid GoPhone: Price, Specs & Review

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Read the review of the latest LG Smartphone, Prime which is announced by AT&T GoPhones. LG Prime Prepaid GoPhone is equipped in a candybar form factor and has great features including 3-inch QVGA touchscreen display, 2-megapixel camera, support for mobiTV mobile television service and microSD card slot. The LG Prime incorporated with AT&T Social Net application lets you to view and manage all your social networking...  Read More

Asus WX-DL Review: Touch-sensitive Optical Wireless Mouse

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Nowadays, touch-controls are finding their ways in the market. By looking this, a version of a touch sensitive mouse has been launched by Asus. Asus WX-DL comes with touch sensors, 4-way scrolling, and media controls. The original price of Asus WX-DL mouse is $80 USD. Touch-sensitive wireless mouse, Asus WX-DL is designed by David Lewis. This wireless laser device, Asus WX-DL continues the ground-breaking spirit of the...  Read More

Medal of Honor Hot Zone dlc release date announced

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Today Electronic Arts Inc. has announced that they are developing the multiplayer of Medal of Honor and will release new mode called Medal of Honor Hot Zone DLC. Medal of Honor Hot Zone dlc will release on November 2, 2010. In North America and in Europe, Medal of Honor is accessible for the Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and PC. Medal of Honor receives “M”...  Read More

Free Download Samsung Wave Games & App for 525, 533, 575 and 723

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One of the largest electronics company, Samsung is going to offer free download Samsung Wave Games to its users. Users of Samsung Wave 525, 533, 575 and 723 smartphone can easily download wave games and different types of apps. Users can download Samsung Wave games like: FIFA 10 Tetris Refresh Spore Creatures Assassin’s Creed II  Read More → Read More

Download Skype 5 Beta with Facebook Integrated features: Review

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The new version 5 Beta has been officially reached by Skype for Windows. It comes with special feature of Facebook integration. As usual, a brand new version of Skype for Windows provides free calls so one can talk whenever they want. After post hitting on web, Skype 5 Beta is available on internet for public download. Skype 5 Beta comes with the most noticeable changes such as addition of photos to the contacts list...  Read More