What is Chipko Andolan Movement in India?

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The word ‘Chipko’ means “to stick” or “to cling”. Chipko Andolan or Movement is a socio-ecological movement that practiced the Gandhian methods of Satyagraha and non-violent resistance. It is the main technique to throw the arms around the tree trunks, which are selected to be cut and refusing to move. Villagers of the Himalayan foothills of Uttar Pradesh organized the Chipko Andolan or Chipko movement...  Read More

Purdue University In Research for More Accurate Doppler Radar

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Recently, Purdue University, the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi’s research is collaboration for more accurate doppler radar. According to research collaboration, Doppler weather radar will considerably develop forecasting models used to track monsoon systems influencing the monsoon in and around India. According to Purdue associate professor of agronomy and earth...  Read More

Grand Ole Opry Ready to Reopen after Flood

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A America’s weekly country music stage show, Grand Ole Opry reopened Tuesday night after May flood. Grand Ole Opry kicked off the “Country Comes Home” celebration with a star-studded show at the famed theater Grand Ole Opry House Nashville, Tennessee. A number of country top music stars performed during the reopen show. The syndicated show is presented on country radio stations from Westwood One across...  Read More

New York Tornado Alert for Sullivan County, New York City, Fairfax County and Rockland

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Yesterday evening, the National Weather Service declared stronger alert of tornado for Sullivan County, New York City, Fairfax County and Rockland. As part of the tornado warning, New Jersey is also affected. The National Weather Service in Upton, New York issued the tornado warning at 8.12 p.m. EDT. The agency said in a bulletin “At 8.08 p.m. EDT, National Weather Service Doppler radar indicated a severe thunderstorm...  Read More

Tropical Storm Bonnie 2010 : Projected path & updates

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NASSAU, Bahamas – The cluster of storms passing through Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, and Haiti has become more organized. The National Hurricane Center has been monitoring this system as Invest AL97 and has increased the chance of naming this a tropical storm in the next 48 hours up to 70%. Winds need to reach 40 mph for this to occur, and the storm would be named Bonnie. Tropical Storm Bonnie 2010 : Projected...  Read More

Three Gorges Dam is facing the biggest flood test

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China’s Three Gorges Dam on the country’s longest river is facing the biggest flood test since the completion of its construction. The Three Gorges dam is constructed over Yangtze, the largest river of China, and is now standing up to its biggest flood test. China’s controversial Three Gorges Dam appears to have passed its biggest test yet, managing to contain the raging flood waters Tuesday as the Yangtze...  Read More

Tropical storm Alex grows in the Gulf of Mexico

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Tropical storm Alex is again moved in the Gulf of Mexico late Sunday after dumping heavy rains on parts of Central America and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula that left at least four people dead across the region. Tropical storm Alex grows in the Gulf of Mexico Alex was headed on a path with highest continued storm of 45 mph (75 kph) that would take it to Mexico’s eastern coast around midweek. Its route was still...  Read More

Flash floods Killed 19 in Var department in southern France

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At least 19 people were killed and 12 still missing at back hills of the French Riviera near France’s Mediterranean coast. Heavy rain converted streets into the rivers of muddy waters. Hundreds of people forced to take shelter on roofs and many trapped in their floating vehicles due to unusual heavy rain in the Var region. The floods swept away cars, trees and parts of houses in a downpour that devastated the picturesque...  Read More

73 people Missing after Arkansas floods

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In Arkansas, horrific flash floods have killed at least 16 people with another 73 people missing. After torrential rains turned their idyllic campsites on the Caddo and Little Missouri rivers into a flood zone, a frenetic search is underway in Arkansas this morning for dozens of people feared dead. According to Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, calls has been received by it from relatives of about 73 people,...  Read More