The Holiday Google Doodle replaces Google Corporate Logo today

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For celebrating the holidays, today Google Corporate Logo has been replaced by The Holiday Google Doodle on its homepage with 17 themed doodles until the evening of December 25 (Christmas Day). This time to represent the Festive season of Christmas and New Year Google Doodle takes a different approach. As per the occasion or festival, always Google Doodle dresses up of the Google logo; however the Google corporate logo...  Read More

Ultra Music Festival 2011 Dates & Tickets

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Ultra Music Festival 2011 will now take place over three days from 25 March to 27 March. An outdoor electronic music event, Ultra Music Festival takes place annually in Miami, Florida, United States. Ultra Music Festival is celebrated in the end of March during the Winter Music Conference. The Winter Music Conference will occur two weeks earlier than it typically has from 8 March to 12 March. Information about both the...  Read More

American Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2010 Dates

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In this year 2010, Thanksgiving will fall on Thursday, 25th of November 2010 and Black Friday will be on Friday, 26th of November 2010. In the United States, Black Friday is celebrated a day after Thanksgiving, which is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, in remembrance of the pilgrims and in order to give thanks them. The Canadian celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of the October, a month...  Read More

Bakrid 2010 SMS, wishes & Greetings

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Bakrid is one of the most popular festivals for the Muslim community, which is observed in honor of Prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifice who was so devoted, trustworthy and dutiful to God’s command that he decided to sacrifice his son Ismail at his command. Bakrid is also known as Eid-Ul-Zuha. Bakrid 2010 will be observed on 17th November. On this special day, people can share their wishes by sending SMS and Greetings...  Read More

Punjab State Lottery Diwali Bumper 2010 Results declared

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The result of Punjab State Lottery Diwali Bumper 2010 has been declared by the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries on today 10th November, 2010. Check the Diwali bumper lottery results through its official website. By this Diwali Pooja Bumper lottery, winner will win Rs 2 crore (2 prizes of Rs. 1 crore each). Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries established in 1968 as a part of the finance Department with a view to...  Read More

Today is International Caps Lock Day 2010

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Today is celebrated as International Caps Lock day to the honor of the most powerful key of keyboard, Caps Lock which forces all other keys to turn to its will. International Caps Lock Day is Parodic holidays that was celebrated for the first time by Derek Arnold in 2000 on 22nd October. It is a very popular day which is celebrated two times in a year. This holiday is also celebrated on the 28th June. But for many conservatives,...  Read More

Dasara Festival sms, wishes & Greetings for 2010

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Dasara festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India. The word ‘Dasara’ derives from the Sanskrit Dasha-hara meaning “remover of bad fate”. Dasara word also spells as Dashera, Dussera and Dussehra. The victory of good over evil is represented by Dasara. On that day, Lord Rama killed Ravana and saved his wife Seeta, who was abducted by Ravana. So, it is also called Vijaydashmi. Dasara...  Read More

Baltimore Marathon 2010 Live Available Online

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Baltimore Marathon 2010 takes place on 16 October and it is tenth anniversary of the Baltimore Running Festival. The flagship race of several races, Baltimore Marathon takes place in Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore Marathon is also recognized as the Baltimore Running Festival. The Company provides free shirts to runners for participating in Baltimore Running Festival so it has been the title sponsor of the event since...  Read More

Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival 2010 celebration

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The 40th Annual Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival 2010, is set for October 16-17 at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m and it will be held on Main Street between Miramontes and Monte Vista Streets in Half Moon Bay. As usual, this year the Half Moon Bay pumpkin fest will feature parades, carving contests, a haunted house for the kids, live music and food, and many more. It will all create a magnificent atmosphere of fun. One of the...  Read More

Autumn de Forest – 8 Year Old Painter

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The 8-year-old Abstract Expressionist painter, Autumn de Forest has proved that some human beings are born with wonderful gift by god. As god gift, diminutive Autumn de Forest has got art of painting. She stars to draw astonishing painting without any training from teachers, and classes in just age of 4. At very little age, she regularly wins art competitions against adult painters. Los Angeles’ art genius, Autumn...  Read More