Kate Middleton & Prince William Engaged

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Engagement of Kate Middleton and Prince William was announced on Tuesday, 16 November 2010 by Clarence House. This engagement is celebrated by Britain and residents of Canada’s capital. Kate Middleton and Prince William are finally set to marry after eight-year relationship. At present, date of their wedding has not been revealed. However, the marriage is expected in a few months in spring or summer and it will be Royal...  Read More

Singapore billionaire Peter Lim to bid Liverpool again

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Singapore billionaire, Peter Lim has prepared to improve/renew his bid for the Barclays Premier League club due to he failed in an earlier bid to buy Liverpool FC. He is offering to purchase the club for more money than New England Sport Ventures. Peter Lim is the runner-up in the contest and to move toward Liverpool’s board with a sight to make a higher offer for the club. Lim thinks that his offer was superior...  Read More

Giant Goldfish of 30 pounds weight Photos Revealed

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Giant Goldfish, 30 pounds weight, has been recently caught in the south of France. This giant Goldfish surprised everybody, but some people thought that the picture of the giant Gold fish is a Photoshop trick. The weight of giant Goldfish (30 pounds) has been confirmed by few spectators. The monster fish was caught by Angler Raphael Biagini. When Angler Raphael Biagini saw this fish, he could not believe his own eyes....  Read More

2010 Monday Night Football Schedule by ESPN

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Monday Night Football Schedule 2010 has been released by ESPN. The 41st season, Monday Night Football games will start in just two weeks, on Monday, 13 September 2010. ESPN broadcasts all Monday Night Football games (17 prime-time games), which will start at 8:30 PM ET. Monday Night Football schedule’s week 1 contains two games such as The Baltimore Ravens at the New York Jets at 7:00 PM ET and San Diego Chargers at...  Read More

Christopher Lloyd will play Willy Loman in “Death of a Salesman”

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Christopher Allen Lloyd is an American actor who is famous for his portrayals of characters such as Emmett “Doc” Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy, Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Uncle Fester in The Addams Family and Addams Family Values and so on. Now, in the Weston Playhouse’s production of the classic Arthur Miller drama ‘Death of a Salesman’, he is going to play the character of...  Read More

MLGpro Circuit – Big Gaming Event New

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MLG (Major League Gaming) is a biggest North American professional video game league. This current year MLG’s 50th live Pro Circuit Competition is held in Raleigh, North Carolina which running from August 27 to 29. In MLG Pro Circuit, the world’s best pro players play against fiercest amateur competitors for getting the title of MLG Champion. The event is featured with biggest-ever Halo bracket, StarCraft 2 debut,...  Read More

Lauren Bacall’s movie on TCM

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An American film and stage actress and model, Lauren Bacall had Turner Classic Movies “Summer Under the Stars” day yesterday, August 25 (Wednesday). She is known for her husky voice and sultry looks. In the decades of 1940s and 1950s, Bacall did not do well in box-office but now she is considered as the “Old Hollywood” star. Bacall is highly prestigious nowadays and she won an Honorary Oscar in 2009 for her supporting...  Read More

Arsenal Vs Blackpool 2010 match Prediction

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On 21st August, 2010 Arsenal Vs Blackpool 2010 match kicks off at 15:00 BST (UK time) and 10:00 EST at the Emirates Stadium in London, England. This match is one of the biggest and most exciting games of football for a majority of their fans. Today, Arsenal and Blackpool have both faced each other later on in their first home game of the new season. Newly promoted Blackpool is coming off impressive opening week win as...  Read More

Miss England contestant Amy Jackson to star in Madrasapattinam

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Miss England contestant and a teenage beauty, Amy Jackson appeares in to the Bollywood’s latest movie “Madrasapattinam“. Madrasapattinam is Tamil drama movie of 2010. In the movie, Amy played lead role as daughter of British governor, it was first appearance of the Amy Jackson in film industries. Amy Jackson is 18-year-old british model from Woolton, Liverpool. When Indian director A L Vijay spotted her...  Read More

England Vs Hungary Highlights – England beat Hungary

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Watch all the highlights as England take on Hungary in an International friendly match on 11th August 2010. England beat Hungary by 2-1. Steven Gerrard scored two superb goals as England came back from a goal behind to beat Hungary. England 0 – 1 Hungary A mistake by Michael Dawson let in Zoltan Gera, who feed the ball out wide, the cross was deflected by Phil Jagielka and although Dawson appeared to have hooked...  Read More