Disney Android Phone to be launched soon in Japan

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Disney Mobile has planned to launch its first Android 2.2 Froyo operating system based smartphone very soon in Japan for Disney fan. Upcoming Disney mobile will be featured with the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system that appears to be a Disney-branded version of a glasses-free 3D mobile phone, Sharp Galapagos 003SH. Image source: Disney Mobile is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in the United...  Read More

Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer : Specifications & Review

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The Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer IS9100/IS9070/IS9050 is a perfect for streaming garment and fittings around the home. It has a handle and it is fully extended up to 5ft 3-inches and offers a lowest setting of 2ft 9-inches. This garment steamer can remove wrinkles simply by hanging garments, delicate fabrics, drapes, curtains, or slipcovers and can revive garments for a just ironed look. Rowenta IS9070 Precision...  Read More

Polaroid 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom & 2.7″ LCD Screen: Price & review

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Today’s Woot offer is new Polaroid 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom & 2.7″ LCD Screen for just $79.99 with $5 shipping. 14 megapixels resolution with 5x zoom is featured in Polaroid CTA-1455 Series which is perfect for shooting and printing portrait sized photos. To obtain just the right settings for any shot you can select from 30 diverse scene modes and use the face tracking, smile and blink...  Read More

Point Of View Mobii 7 Android Tablet : Review & Specs of 7″ tablet

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A 7-inch and 10-inch internet Mobii tablets based on Google Android have been announced today on 27th October 2010. But below you can take a look on Review & Specs of 7″ tablet. The new Mobii internet tablets are the great tools for quick and easy everyday tasks through Point of View’s outstanding hardware and Google Android’s software variety. You can check your email, read the news or even watch movies...  Read More

iRobot Roomba 5th Generation Robotic Vacuum: Specs & review

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Check out the features, specs and review of an autonomous cleaner, Roomba 5th Generation Robotic Vacuum, sold by iRobot. An autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner the Roomba is sold by iRobot. It is able to navigate a living space and its obstacles while vacuuming the floor, under normal operating conditions. In 2002, the Roomba was introduced. Numerous updates and new models have since been released that allow the Roomba...  Read More

Motorola FDD LTE USB lt 7110: Motorola announces first 4G LTE modem

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Recently, Motorola officially announced its latest FDD LTE USB – lt 7110 device in order to offer broadband experience on personalized mobile for broadband lovers at 4G World 2010. FDD LTE USB is first 4G LTE modem of Motorola. With launch of first commercial 4G LTE device, Motorola Solutions business of Motorola, Inc. expands its success on Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. Motorola: Motorola is...  Read More

Cherrypal’s CherryPad America: 7-Inch Android 2.1 tablet at price of $188

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Cherrypal, Low-cost computer maker, now enter in the tablet market. Today Cherrypal has announced its first mainstream product, CherryPad 7-Inch tablet with price of $188. The CherryPad is an affordable, powerful, high quality, and low energy-consuming tablet computer with the ability to run the Android 2.1 operating system. Considering the need of consumers, who seek a lower cost, more compact tablet PC with the ability...  Read More

Acer Aspire G5900 Predator Gaming Desktop to wow gamers

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A new powerful gaming Acer Aspire G5900 Predator Gaming Desktop to wow gamers in the European market has been launched by Acer that called the Acer Aspire G5900 Predator. The Acer Aspire G5900 Predator is a gaming desktop based on Intel LGA 1156 that offers the performance of the powerful Intel Core i processor. Acer is eager to launch new systems, as is made obvious by how it has set the Aspire G5900 Predator, one of...  Read More

Nikon D7000 Specs, Price & review revealed

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Nikon has revealed a new model, named Nikon D7000 which is outfitted with low-light ability, a new 16.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, and Nikon’s new EXPEED 2 image processing system for enhanced performance. The speed of camera is 50-millisecond shutter response will be managed by EXPEED 2 to blazing AF speed and rapid six fps burst speed for up to 100 images. Nikon D7000 comes with the new 39-point AF system and a new 2,016-pixel...  Read More

Philips Dual Remote Control with QWERTY launched

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Day by day, plenty of QWERTY remotes come out, trying all the luxury and make operating your television more like operating a computer. Recently, Philips has unveiled new remote for multimedia computers. In remote control development, Philips has many years of experience and now launched Dual Remote control with QWERTY keyboard. With the release of Philips Remote Control Dual, Philips has raised its list of Home Control...  Read More