Is Aaron Aziz Dead or just Internet Hoax?

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Is Aaron Aziz the Singaporean actor really dead or just another internet hoax? Find out here the truth behind Aaron Aziz Death story. Most of the time celebrities become the prey to internet hoax death and now Aaron Aziz has joined the list. In the past two days, you may have encountered with the news that the Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz died while skiing in Switzerland. Hey…it is just a rumor; he is just fine and...  Read More

Anorexic model Isabelle Caro Died at 28

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French model, Isabelle Caro died at the age of 28 on 17 November. She was suffering from anorexia disease when she was thirteen years old. According to Le Parisien newspaper report, her family wants to keep her death private. The exact reason of her death is not disclosed yet but she had been hospitalized for respiratory problems. Her funeral ceremony was held in Paris in November. According to Caro’s acting coach,...  Read More

Vangelia Gushterova Predicts for world war 3

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Ultimately blind, Vangelia Gushterova aka Baba Vanga predicted for world war 3 that it will take place in November 2010. Vangelia’s predications come eighty percentages true. Refer the following article to know about Vangelia Gushterova’s forecast for world war 3. Vangelia Gushterova was born on 31st January, 1911 in Strumica. Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova is her birth name and after marriage she was known as Vangelia...  Read More

Megan Duskey- a teacher dead in fall from Palmer House stairwell

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A woman fall from Palmer House stairwell and dead. She was identified as 23-year-old, a Chicago Public Schools teacher, Megan Duskey. Megan Duskey visited Halloween party in Chicago’ Palmer House stairwell with some of her best friends. She slide down a banister rail and was died instantly. Megan Duskey dressed up as glamorous superhero Silk Specter from the movie “Watchmen.” Megan Duskey got bachelor’s...  Read More

Rinky Chowdhary- 28 year old model Found dead

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On Thursday night, a 28-year-old model and TV anchor, Rinky Chowdhary committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan at her Oshiwara flat and was found dead by police. Rinky’s suicide was informed by her friend Shahid Malik to Mumbai police. Rinky’s friend, Shahid Malik was present in the house while the suicide was committed. He found her body and shocked to see her in this form. Then he quickly called...  Read More

Four Loko Alcoholic Energy Drink is Dangerous – Students Sickened

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There are many drinks preferred by the college students and ‘Four Loko’ is one of them. Four Loko is an alcoholic energy drink prepared from mixture of caffeine and alcohol. This energy drink contains12% alcohol volume that is 3 times the quantity of a regular beer so it has been proved dangerous and leads the students sickened. Four Loko is produced by Phusion Projects Inc, of Chicago. Four Loko drink is obtainable...  Read More

200 Death Due to Cholera in Haiti

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Epidemic of cholera has killed 200 people in Haiti and so it becomes a major concern for Haiti‘s people health. More than 2,000 people take treatment for Cholera in and out Saint-Marc hospital. In this current year, it is another trouble for Haiti after facing earthquake that took more than 3, 00, 000 lives nine month ago and turned Haiti into an unimaginable hell. Aid Organizations have deployed medical teams...  Read More

Rakta Charitra Movie Review

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Rakta Charitra is the trilingual Hindi-Telugu- Tamil project which is going to release on today 22nd October, 2010. The movie is based on life of Paritala Ravindra, who was a political leader in the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh, India. The Tamil version of movie is made in one part while Hindi and Telugu have two parts. The second part of the movie will release on November 19, 2010. The first part of movie shows...  Read More

Graco Stroller Recall 2010 List – Claim it on

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Graco is recalling about two million strollers due to the risk of entrapment and strangulation. Graco Quattro Tour, MetroLite strollers and travel systems are the products that are affected. These devices were blamed for strangling four babies. Check the model number situated near the rear wheels or below the stroller against the list of recalled models to see if your stroller is affected by the recall. The Graco strollers...  Read More

Dayna Kempson Schacht crash video become viral

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In these days, the passed victim Dayna Kempson Schacht car crash video becomes viral over the net as this tapped video shows her devastated dead body. When Dayna’s parents, Jeff and Lucretia Kempson watched the video, heartbroken parents deeply grieved and protested that Georgia firefighters allegedly tapped video in a cell phone instead of bringing out her dead body from her car. Dayna Kempson Schacht, 23-year-old...  Read More