Four Loko Banned in Ohio: What makes it So Dangerous?

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Four Loko is a caffeinated alcohol drink, broadly known as “black-out in a can” and “liquid cocaine” which is famous among college students. Numerous colleges have banned the Four Loko and many are warning students of its consequences. Against the alcoholic drink Four Loko and similar products, even though some states’ Liquor Control Commissions have been taking action, no public moves is made...  Read More

Venkatesh’s Nagavalli Trailer & Music review

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Venkatesh’s upcoming Telugu horror movie ‘Nagavalli’ trailer and music has been released on 14th of November. P. Vasu directed the movie. The audio release was scheduled to release at Siddhartha Engineering College in Vijayawada. The music of Nagavalli is composed by Guru Kiran. The lead role is played by Venkatesh and Anushka Shetty, Kamalini Mukherjee, Shraddha Das, Poonam Kaur and Richa Gangopadhyay. Officially,...  Read More

Megan Duskey- a teacher dead in fall from Palmer House stairwell

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A woman fall from Palmer House stairwell and dead. She was identified as 23-year-old, a Chicago Public Schools teacher, Megan Duskey. Megan Duskey visited Halloween party in Chicago’ Palmer House stairwell with some of her best friends. She slide down a banister rail and was died instantly. Megan Duskey dressed up as glamorous superhero Silk Specter from the movie “Watchmen.” Megan Duskey got bachelor’s...  Read More

Allu Arjun’s Marriage with Sneha Reddy is arranged

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Young hero, Allu Arjun is ready to tie knot with beautiful lady, Sneha Reddy. The marriage between two is arranged affair by their common friends. Both the couple will marry in few months but the marriage date is yet not declared. Actor Allu Arjun with Sneha Reddy Sneha Reddy is the daughter of KC Shekhar Reddy, who is popular engineering college owner in Hyderabad. She has just finished her MS Degree from US. Allu Arjun...  Read More

Four Loko Alcoholic Energy Drink is Dangerous – Students Sickened

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There are many drinks preferred by the college students and ‘Four Loko’ is one of them. Four Loko is an alcoholic energy drink prepared from mixture of caffeine and alcohol. This energy drink contains12% alcohol volume that is 3 times the quantity of a regular beer so it has been proved dangerous and leads the students sickened. Four Loko is produced by Phusion Projects Inc, of Chicago. Four Loko drink is obtainable...  Read More

Vigilance Awareness Week 2010 kicked off

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“Vigilance Awareness Week” has been celebrated from 25th October, 2010 to 1st November, 2010 in memory of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, an Iron-man of India. A major influence was exercised by him in ascertaining the administrative structure in India. The ‘Vigilance Awareness Week 2010′ will be observed by the Vigilance Department, as per instructions issued by the Central Vigilance Commission vide their letter...  Read More

Shark Attack In Santa Barbara – A surfer Killed

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A white shark attacked a UCSB student, Lucas Ransom at a beach northwest of Los Angeles on 22 October 2010. Shark bit him on his leg and pulled him under the waves of red blood and all this was done in few seconds. When shark attacked him, he cried for help to his friends. After being attacked by a shark, the victim was died on that day. As per authorities the victim was surfing off Surf Beach in a California Air Force...  Read More

GATE 2011 Online Application Form Submission & Download Process

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Upcoming all India Examination, GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) 2011 will be held in the starting of 2011. Currently, the GATE 2011 online application form submission and download process is going on. The GATE 2011 online application forms are accessible on its official website where students will find link of downloading the application forms and applying online. About GATE (Graduate...  Read More

BCS Football Final Rankings 2010

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BCS Football Final Rankings 2010 became very popular these days. The first BCS Standings 2010 were announced on last Sunday, 17 October 2010. All the NCAA football fans predicted about the number 1 team and yet some were surprised to know about BCS rankings. Oklahoma opens the rankings with the no. 1 position that was based on their impressive game, strength of game schedule. Fans of NCAA football were surprised that...  Read More

CPA Board Exam Result for October 2010 announced soon

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The Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination result for October 2010 will be announced by the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) at its official source Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination is also described as CPA Board. The schedule of successful examinees of CPA, an examination held in October 2010, will be garnered with top ten CPA passers by PRC. About Professional Regulation...  Read More