Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship Stranded After Fire

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A Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship hit by an engine fire is eventually on the move as tugboats begin towing it towards California. When the blaze broke out on Monday morning, the Carnival Splendor was 200 miles (310km) south of San Diego, said owners Carnival Cruise Lines. With 4,500 passengers, a cruise ship stranded offshore. Crew must be towed slowly into a Mexican port and will not come out till at least Wednesday night,...  Read More

Shark Attack In Santa Barbara – A surfer Killed

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A white shark attacked a UCSB student, Lucas Ransom at a beach northwest of Los Angeles on 22 October 2010. Shark bit him on his leg and pulled him under the waves of red blood and all this was done in few seconds. When shark attacked him, he cried for help to his friends. After being attacked by a shark, the victim was died on that day. As per authorities the victim was surfing off Surf Beach in a California Air Force...  Read More

Karissa Gilham – Maxim UK’s Bottom of the Year

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Karissa Gilham won Maxim UK’s Bottom of the Year and got lots of publicity. She is basically from Perth, Australia. She has started her modeling careers at just 22 years old. Recently, she has featured a Bee Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks which explains her hot and sexy booming popularity. Most of the young girls want to become model, Karissa Gilham is one of them. Dreams come true in the case of Karissa...  Read More

Samantha Brown’s 3 New Episode of Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Ireland

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Samantha Brown, host of the Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends show has come with three new episodes of Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Ireland on Travel Channel. In the show, Samantha goes on journeys at different locations in USA, Canada, Mexico or Europe, and explains her journey experiences and also suggests tips for eating in restaurants, staying in hotels, and joining the local activities. Following the more information...  Read More

Burning Man 2010 started in Black Rock City, Nevada

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An art and dance festival, Burning Man 2010 has started in Black Rock City, Nevada from yesterday, August 30th 2010. Burning Man event runs a week. The event concludes on the day of the American Labor Day holiday. After Saturday night ritual burning of a wooden effigy, the name of the event was taken as “Burning Man”. There are lot of people participate in this event as an experiment in community, radical self-expression,...  Read More

Oil Spill‎ Solution – Oil Eater Bacteria Discovered

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Oil Eater Bacteria discovered in Russia’s Lake Baikal by Baikal Russian scientists that are very interesting microorganisms and could finish the risk of ecological damage from oil spills. Since the deadly BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in April, these bacteria have largely eaten the huge deep-sea plume of dispersed oil fouling the Gulf of Mexico. With a mixture of indigenous microbes that eat up the entire oil,...  Read More

BP reveals ‘sand shark’ device to clean Gulf beaches of oil

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BP has revealed a new device named as ‘sand shark’ aimed at doing an enhanced job of cleaning Gulf beaches of oil and tar. This new device was demonstrated on Tuesday at Orange Beach, Al. A new device comes with a promise to clean Gulf beaches of oil. The name of this device is ‘sand shark’ revealed by BP. This device was demonstrated on Tuesday at Orange Beach, AL, which has been the site of regular...  Read More

Chanel from maxim 100 – fantasy factory Video

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MTV’s Fantasy Factory Was not so popular until last night. Chanel is the sexy receptionist of skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, and she got uplift in her popularity in last episode shoot. She was also in list of Maxim’s Top 100 Hottest women of 2010. Chanel, 21 was born, raised, and still resides in the San Fernando Valley. Since the age of 15, Chanel spent years in working odd jobs and struggling to make a career out of...  Read More

White marlin open 2010 at Ocean city, MD

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The 37th Annual Marlin Open 2010, world’s biggest billfish fishing tournament, has been started on 2nd August, 2010 and ends on 6th August, 2010 in Ocean City, Maryland. Every boat can only fish three of the five days. The 37th Annual Marlin Open 2010 organized at Harbor Island in Ocean City, Maryland yearly on the first week of August. In this tournament, Anglers will be competing to take home cash prizes and bragging...  Read More

The Bachelorette final at Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort – What does Ali Fedotowsky Pick?

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“The Bachelorette” final was telecasted on ABC on 2 August 2010, at the show, excitement of the viewers was over because Ali Fedotowsky choose a perfect bride, Roberto for him. 25 year old Ali Fedotowsky engaged to 26 years old, insurance agent, Roberto Martinez. Kisses, drama and plenty of tears were offered in an idyllic setting by the “The Bachelorette” show. Ali Fedotowsky wore a dazzling Neil...  Read More