Four Loko Banned in Ohio: What makes it So Dangerous?

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Four Loko is a caffeinated alcohol drink, broadly known as “black-out in a can” and “liquid cocaine” which is famous among college students. Numerous colleges have banned the Four Loko and many are warning students of its consequences. Against the alcoholic drink Four Loko and similar products, even though some states’ Liquor Control Commissions have been taking action, no public moves is made...  Read More

Elizabeth Smart Testimony Transcript & Video

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14-year-old girl, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped in June 2002 in Utah. She was kidnapped from her bedroom. Elizabeth Smart was found after one year with her kidnappers Brian Davi Mitchell and his wife Wanda Ileen Barzee. On 1st October, 2009 Smart testified against Brian David Mitchell in a federal court hearing. Smart unveiled that she was raped on a daily basis during her court statement. She said he was “not...  Read More

Moscow Mule Drink Recipe – How to Make Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Cocktail?

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The Moscow Mule is a charmingly typical cocktail that gives you a refreshing feeling. This drink is favorite of Oprah Winfrey, who is one of the maximum paid celebrities of America. Refer this article to make Moscow Mule Drink at home. To customize your drink and its presentation for guests at a party, consider custom mule mugs. Moscow Mule Drink was introduced as the Smirnoff Mule in 1965. It has become now more popular...  Read More

Four Loko Alcoholic Energy Drink is Dangerous – Students Sickened

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There are many drinks preferred by the college students and ‘Four Loko’ is one of them. Four Loko is an alcoholic energy drink prepared from mixture of caffeine and alcohol. This energy drink contains12% alcohol volume that is 3 times the quantity of a regular beer so it has been proved dangerous and leads the students sickened. Four Loko is produced by Phusion Projects Inc, of Chicago. Four Loko drink is obtainable...  Read More

FDA approves Vivitrol Drugs to treat Opioid Dependence

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Alkermes Inc’s drug Vivitrol is approved as a monthly injection by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat those hooked on powerful opioid painkillers. For the treatment of opioid dependence Vivitrol is the first and only non-narcotic, non-addictive, once monthly medication. In 2006, Vivitrol was approved for the treatment of alcohol dependence by the FDA. Vivitrol (naltrexone) is a special narcotic blocker...  Read More

Aditi Jagtap – a Mercedes driving girl hits 10 vehicles & 10 Injured

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Aditi Jagtap who is daughter of Pune’s famous heart surgeon Randeep Jagtab hits 10 vehicles while driving a Mercedes at a high speed on Tuesday at Pune’s Kondwa Road. About 10 people were injured, including pedestrians and two-wheeler drivers after getting hit. Twenty-two-year-old, Aditi was driving her Mercedes at a high velocity on the way from her Wanavdi residence to Saluke Vihar at 7.30pm and she first hit...  Read More offers 2010 Jager For Life Sweepstakes

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The Exclusive website of Jager For Life Sweepstakes is Enter for a chance to win the opportunity to get inked by one of three living tattoo legends! Eligibility: Only legal residents of the contiguous United States who are twenty-one years of age and older are eligible to enter the Competition (excluding residents of California, Tennessee and Washington). By entering this Sweepstakes, you are affirming...  Read More

Danger of sleeping pills

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One should sleep at least for seven to eight hours daily to maintain a good health. Today many people are facing problem to get a restful sleep that is why they are addicted on sleeping tablets, which are very dangerous for their health. Intake of a pill, for a good night’s rest seems a small price but in the long-term the cost could be far greater. People who take sleeping pills are a third more likely to die prematurely...  Read More

Burning Man 2010 started in Black Rock City, Nevada

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An art and dance festival, Burning Man 2010 has started in Black Rock City, Nevada from yesterday, August 30th 2010. Burning Man event runs a week. The event concludes on the day of the American Labor Day holiday. After Saturday night ritual burning of a wooden effigy, the name of the event was taken as “Burning Man”. There are lot of people participate in this event as an experiment in community, radical self-expression,...  Read More offers Sutter Home Tailgating 2010 Sweepstakes

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The Official website of Sutter Home Tailgating 2010 Sweepstakes is Enter Sutter Home’s 2010 Tailgating Sweepstakes for a chance to travel to the Napa Valley and learn to throw the ultimate tailgating party. You and five friends will be sent to the wine country and enjoy a weekend full of tips and strategies to make you a pro when it comes to tailgating parties.  To get you started on hosting your...  Read More