Maria Kang, Fitness Trainer got Controversy in Facebook

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Maria Kang, a mom of three children with fully toned body gets in controversy for asking a question, ‘What’s your excuse?’

Facebook is the best platform for sharing views and experiences with the virtual world. You get a lot of likes and praise via comments of your friends and followers. But sometimes, it can be reciprocated with negative response, as your statements or opinions are misunderstood. Same has been experienced by Maria Kang, a fitness instructor of California. Maria Kang, a 32 year old mother of three cute sons, a fitness instructor and a former pageant queen is in the news because of her Facebook profile picture. The controversy is about the image of her in a red & black workout bra and matching micro shorts with her sons. Through picture, she wants to show her highly toned body with abs, but its caption caused the controversy – “What’s your excuse?

Maria Kang with her three sons asking 'What's your excuse?'

This picture has become viral on the Web, getting more than 2,35,000 ‘Likes’, 35,000 comments and shared by 22,000 (approx.) Facebook users. Both positive and negative responses are received from people. Most of them praised her hard work and dedication saying ‘you go, girl!’, while others pictured her as ‘fake’, ‘bully’ or ‘bad mom’. She has been accused for ‘fat shamming’ women and disgrace, demoralize other women, who suffers from obesity.

Actually, the picture was published last year in September, but it was being noticed and shared lately that too with negative comments. That’s why she recently reposted the snap with her first and final apology message. She apologized that the picture with the caption was taken in a wrong meaning. She said that she too had many problems like eating disorder, handling three babies without nanny, concentrating on two businesses, and she was no skinny from the beginning. She had to struggle and work hard to appear what she is now on the picture and just want to share her experience so that it can inspire others too. But what can she do if the people are taking her statement in a negative way, it is not her fault. She openly said that if you continue to hate this picture, you must hate other things too. Maria has added FAQ page on her website, to answer all the questions of the comments.

In her exclusive interview with Shine Yahoo, she expressed her intention about sharing this picture. She defended herself by saying that she wanted to inspire people, but not to offend them. She just wanted to say that with three children if she can do it, you can too.

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