Duta Business School portal ( shows error

Posted by on Nov 16, 2010 | Leave a Comment is the official website of Duta Business School portal. Duta Business School portal is facing some error to access the portal now. Through this portal, Duta Future International performs general trading. Besides this, it also offers services marketing in a community staple commodity products and business opportunities for its Customer / Member-based E-Commerce by launching the Concept Marketing “CUSTOMER REFERRAL PROGRAM.”

Duta Business School portal ( shows error

Pt. Duta future international was founded on 10 November 2007 in Bandung. Management and IT Professional, as well as a powerful Marketing Plan support Pt. International Future Ambassador. A special division, Ambassador Business School has been formed by International Future Ambassador which is engaged in Entrepreneurship Education & Training.

The main mission of the company is to establish human resources professional and devoted to the Almighty God, feed the nation, establish the ethos of entrepreneurship to society, help people to discover potential business opportunities, and encouraging economic growth. Duta Business School is parted into various categories like Business Development, Business Directory, Business Idea, Business News, Business School, etc.

The company provides assistance for e-commerce / internet marketing to facilitate all members of International Future Ambassador to start their own business. ‘Dtawarkan’ is one of their opportunities which are pulse-based agency internet technology. Members are assisted to become Dealer Recharge electrical pulses. International Future Ambassador has more than 10, 000 dealers spread all over Indonesia.

Automatic computerized system has been used for all transactions, financial calculations, and the administration. So, special office and employees are not required to the business owner of International Future Ambassador for conducting business in general. Because of this, self International Future Ambassador Office can be accessed on the internet.

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