Canon Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement of $4.4M get Approval

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Subject to court approval, Canon is ready to pay $4.4 million to settle wage-and-hour claims filed on behalf of service technicians. Get here complete info on How to claim?

Canon is a world leader in imaging products and software. Even, it is rated second in number of employees category in its line, having its 196,968 employees (according to company reports in 2012). But on 21st August, 2012, the claim filed against Canon Business Solutions Inc. on behalf of its service technicians, who alleged that the company failed to pay overtime as well as docked workers for lunch breaks they didn’t take. Finally the day comes, and California federal judge granted preliminary approval for a $4.4 million against Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement. Complete details about this Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement is given below, so go through it and get your part of refund!

Canon Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement of $4.4M get Approval

According to the lawsuit, Canon cheated its employees out of wages. Group of service technicians filed the class action in July 2012; they alleged that Canon violated the employment laws of New York and California, along with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, when it failed to pay its service technicians for their overtime work and when it automatically deducted 45 minutes for meal times despite the length or instance of a break.

The workers complained that Canon’s time-keeping system automatically deducted 45 minutes from technicians’ time records every day, even when service technicians would take breaks of less than 45 minutes. Also, defendant company ask workers “took no meal period because [Canon’s] practice of scheduling work assignments, and its own directives to [the workers], did not permit them to take those meal breaks.” Thus, company scheduled workers so as to deny technicians for taking meal breaks, also pressured them to miss meal breaks. In point of fact, defendants have required and permitted the class members to work off-the-clock without any compensation by doing such unlawful and unfair practices.

The plaintiffs asked District Judge John A. Kronstadt for preliminary approval of the agreement, which would determine their wage-and-hour lawsuit against the canon. Finally, the deal sets at $4.4 million for the service technicians in the class, with up to 30 percent.

Those, who eligible for a settlement, are divided into 3 classes:

New York, service technicians who worked in that state at any time from Oct. 9, 2006, to March 14, 2014 California, service technicians who worked in that state at any time between July 19, 2008, and March 14, 2014 FLSA, service technicians who worked as in any other state from June 12, 2010, to March 14, 2014

Class members will get a share of the settlement based on an agreed on formula, but once all necessary payment are made from the $4.4 million. The hearing for final approval will be held in September.

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Case Title: Steven Jones v. Canon Business Solutions Inc et al
Case Number: 2:12-cv-07195
Court: California Central
Nature of Suit: Civil Rights: Jobs
Judge: John A. Kronstadt
Date Filed: August 21, 2012
Law Firms:Dorsey & Whitney & Rukin Hyland


Canon Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement

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