Meet Forest Man: Jadav Payeng

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I will write something about an extra ordinary Indian man. The man who made a forest. Jadav “Molai” Payeng  is a Mishing tribe environmental activist and forestry worker from Jorhat, India. A little more than 30 years ago, Jadav “Molai” Payeng began burying seeds along a barren sandbar near his birthplace in north-east India’s Assam region to grow a refuge for wildlife. Not long after,...  Read More

Rice Bucket Challenge: Most indeed Charity Movement in India

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Poverty and hunger have reached the peak levels in India. So taking into account this factor, Manju Kalanidhi has started Rice Bucket Challenge to feed the poor. Human wants are unlimited, for example – when we get bicycle, we wish to have bike; when we get bike, we wish to have car; etc. For whatever you have in your life, we should thanks to god for giving you all the luxuries and comforts, and one such way to...  Read More

Reasons Why Bangalore is Awesome

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Get ready to enjoy Bangalore like never before by going through various reasons listed here, whether you have already experienced this awesome city or planning to visit this ‘Silicon Valley of India’. The capital city of Karnataka in south India – Bangalore is a beautiful city to live in – rich in culture, food, temples, and many more things. Technology hub Bangalore leaves behind other metro cities of...  Read More

Nirbhaya Fashion Shoot Album Stirs Controversy in India

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A fashion photoshoot titled ‘The Wrong Turn’ has left social media fuming due to its striking resemblance to the Nirbhaya incident! A few days back, a Mumbai-based fashion photographer Raj Shetye added an album of photographs titled ‘The Wrong Turn’ to his Behance portfolio. The photoshoot which depicted a woman being manhandled by couple of men inside a bus led to a lot of outrage on social media with people...  Read More

India is 3rd in Top HIV Infected Country

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India is the third highest HIV infected country. In the Asia-Pacific region, four out of ten HIV infected people are Indians. There are six countries which comprise more than 90 percent of the people affected with HIV and India is one of them – third in top HIV infected countries. Around 2.1 million Indians are living with this deadly virus, so it can be said that four out of ten people infected by the HIV in Asia-Pacific...  Read More

Comprehensive Explanation of All Taxes in India

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Being an Indian citizen, you should be aware of different types of taxes imposed by the Indian Government. Check out here the basic concepts of all taxes in India. We all pay taxes to our government in one form or the other. And we should pay it, as taxes are the basic source of revenue for all levels of government. In India, central government, state government and even the local governing bodies like the Municipality...  Read More

How to Identify pre-2005 Rupees Notes? : Deadline Date revealed

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Pre-2005 currency notes won’t be accepted any more in India soon. RBI announced new deadline date for exchanging these notes, that is 1st January 2015. Every country has its own type of currency, as ‘Dollar’ for USA; ‘Ruble’ for Russia; ‘Yen’ for Japan; ‘Riyal’ for Saudi Arabia; ‘Rial’ for Iran; ‘Qatari riyal’ for Qatar; similarly ‘Rupee’ for India. Currency gives people power of buying....  Read More

New rules for debit card transactions from December 2013

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Do not forget to enter your PIN number while swiping Debit Card at any PoS center, as this is the new rule of debit card transactions applicable from the 1st December, 2013. Government always tries to come out with the new rules and regulations that make easy for citizens to do their money transactions with ease and security. This helps to reduce the chances of fraud that occur many times while you do transaction from...  Read More

Cafe Cuba: New Parle’s Cola Drink

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Finally Parle Agro has made its mind in making the re-entry into the carbonated soft drinks. After selling its popular soft drink brands Limca, Thums Up, Citra and Gold Spot to Coca-Cola with a non-compete agreement for 10 years in the year 1993, Parle Agro will enter into Rs 15,000-crore cola market. The soft drink manufacturer will enter in early 2014 with the ‘Cafe Cuba’, a coffee-flavored carbonated drink....  Read More

Is India a Hell to travel for NRI Women?

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India is a favorite traveling spot for every tourist, because it is a country famous for its different religions, rituals, cultures and customs. But as said there is unity in diversity, there is one common thing in most of the religions of India that here women are considered as Goddess. In India, it is a belief that woman is to be worshiped and treated with respect, as she is the one who has power to give birth to a...  Read More