Uganda nanny beats toddler video hit on web

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A shocking video of a maid beating, flinging and physically abusing an 18-month-old girl has hit the web. We never hand over our money or jewellery to anyone without taking out a thorough assessment. Then, why we are ready to hand over our children to anyone for babysitting? Child abuse by babysitter has become very common these days but parents learnt nothing from that. Another shocking video has gone viral on the social...  Read More

The Story Behind #AlexFromTarget

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Check out here the story behind how a 16-year old young Target cashier from Texas became an Internet sensation overnight! Meet Alex Laboeuf – a teenage American boy who has become an internet sensation for absolutely no apparent reason. He rose to fame overnight after an anonymous customer took photo of him while bagging groceries at a Target retail store and posted it to Twitter. Needless to say, the picture quickly...  Read More

Chantae Gilman, a women raped a sleeping Man

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The 26 year old woman named Chantae Gilman break into a West Seattle man’s home and raped him while he slept. Male Rape and sexual assault cases are not new. According to study, 9% incidents of rape and sexual violence are against men and from that, 1% of men get raped by a woman. This weekend, an obese woman from Seattle is making nationwide headlines after being charged with second degree rape of man. The 26 year...  Read More

Renuka Shinde and Seema Gavit are biggest Shame on name of Indian Nari

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Half-sisters Renuka Shinde and Seema Gavit are  first women in Independent India to be hanged to death for kidnapping 13 kids and killing 11 brutally. Indian woman is especially known for their tender care and cheerful nature all over the world. She can be easily and adorably portrait as loving mother and have very soft corner for any small kids she met. But, a big black spot on loving and caring image of Indian Woman...  Read More

A Delhi Boy was raped and video-graphed Incident

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A 10-year-old minor boy was gang raped and video-graphed by eight men in East Delhi’s Geeta Colony area. Gang rape cases in India’s capital, Delhi are not new. In fact the number of Gang rape cases has been doubled in Delhi since the gang rape of a student on bus last December. Delhi has been shamed again, this time the rape and assault of a ten years old boy. The ten years old victim was gang raped by 8 men who lived...  Read More

HUVr’s hoverboard Goes Viral : Facts about HUVr Flying Skateboard

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Getting confused whether the HUVr’s hoverboard videos are real or fake? Don’t worry, here are all the facts that you should know about HUVr Flying Skateboard video hoax. Almost all of us fall in love with hoverboards after watching the 1989 movie, “Back to the Future Part II”. After so many years, flying skateboard featured in the movie has come true. A series of videos from a mysterious technology company...  Read More

Is Aaron Aziz Dead or just Internet Hoax?

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Is Aaron Aziz the Singaporean actor really dead or just another internet hoax? Find out here the truth behind Aaron Aziz Death story. Most of the time celebrities become the prey to internet hoax death and now Aaron Aziz has joined the list. In the past two days, you may have encountered with the news that the Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz died while skiing in Switzerland. Hey…it is just a rumor; he is just fine and...  Read More

A photojournalist gangraped in Shakti Mills, Mumbai

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In a ghastly incident, a 23-year-old female photojournalist was allegedly gangraped by 5 men by unidentified men inside the compound of the abandoned textile mill on Thursday around 6:30 pm while she was on an assignment, interning for a lifestyle magazine, doing a story on ‘chawl’ at Shakti Mill in Parel area of Central Mumbai. This gangrape case is drawing a similarity with the infamous December 16 gangrape...  Read More

Heavy rain in Valsad: Flood Condition to be expected

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From the 10th July, 2013, a continuous rainfall has disturbed the routine life of locals of Valsad. Heavy atmosphere pressure is created in the weather of Valsad district and around 22 inches of rainfall has been recorded by the Weather department of Valsad district. On the roads of Valsad, nearly 4 feet rain water has accumulated and it has created the situation of complete road transportation failure. In the lower areas...  Read More

Meet the Little Master Painter, Iris Halmshaw

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An adorable 3 1/2 year old Iris Grace Halmshaw’s work is creating a buzz in the art world. She loves to paint and does it with extreme focus and attention. What makes her accomplishments also more strange is the fact that she is autistic. She cannot speak, although one of the ways she expresses herself is through her art – further showing that having a disability doesn’t stop people from achieving unbelievable...  Read More