Gay in India unhappy with SC same-sex verdict

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After so many years of struggle Supreme Court has given its final verdict on homosexuality. Check out reactions of people and its impact on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender’s life

Even after 66 years of independence, we are still bind with old orthodox thinking. We have no right to call ourselves as a free country. India cannot be defined as a free country, if its citizens have no rights to live their life according to their wish. Finally after a long time on December 12, 2013, Supreme Court has presented its final verdict about homosexuality. As per Supreme Court’s justice, homosexuality in India is a criminal offence. This homosexuality is against the nature of law and the Chapter XVI, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code cannot be changed. It is not just a verdict, but will affect 25 lakh people. Yes, there are around 25 lakh gay people in India.

a final verdict by supreme court on gay people

The bench of justices including G. S. Singhvi and S. J. Mukhopadhaya overrules the 2009 Delhi High court verdict. The Supreme Court on Wednesday set aside the 2009 Delhi High Court order decriminalising consensual homosexual activity within its jurisdiction. As per 153 year old colonial law – Section 377, a same-sex relationship is an “unnatural offence” and liable to be punished by a 10-year jail term. However, the gay community is unhappy with the Court verdict as according to them they have right to choose their partner, after all it’s the basic right of any Indian.

There were mixed reaction from people of different sects. Giving such a verdict is simply taking away the fundamental right of an Indian. Ashok Row Kavi (Gay rights activist) stated that the gay community had planned a protest rally in Delhi however had been denied permission by the police. According to some people, this verdict proves that we still live in a Stone Age.

Following were the reaction of some famous people. Do you agree this verdict was fair for those innocent people who have no fault for what they are?

Chetan Bhagat: What?! Consensual gay sex ruled illegal in 2014? Shows you how badly India needs new young leaders with a modern outlook.
Vinay Pathak: Supreme Court – Straight or scared!
Madhur Bhandarkar: Just when we thought we are looking into the future, comes a judgment that treats us like we are in the stone age. The disappointment is justified.

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