Vindoo Dara Singh is a villain of IPL spot-fixing

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Saying that a few apples spoil the bunch is very true for the IPL. Nowadays IPL has become the place for all types of controversies and many scandals. Recently, many celebrities’ names have come to light for spot-fixing. Now cricket is not a play to entertain people, but for few people it is the way to make more money through corruption. If these types of cases continuously increase, then the faith of people will not be there and it could be risky for the nation’s pride.

Vindoo Dara Singh is a villain of IPL spot-fixing

The son of late actor Dara Singh, Virendra Randhawa alias Vindoo’s name has been recently added in the spot fixing. Vindoo Dara Singh is an actor and winner of the third season of Big Boss. He was arrested on Tuesday by the Mumbai police; according to them he was involved in fixing deals between some cricketers and bookies. For the first time in the current T20 spot fixing scandal, a celebrity from the Bollywood has been arrested. He is booked under sections 420, 465, 466, 467 and 468 of IPC for cheating. With two others, he was produced in a magistrate’s court on Tuesday in Mumbai. He is sent to the remand till May 24.

According to the police, Vindoo used to call Ramesh Vyas a bookie after talking with the relative of the team owner. And when Ramesh was arrested, it was revealed from his statement that Vindoo was involved in fixing between the bookies and some cricketers. Police is making an inquiry from the owner of “Chennai Super Kings,” and also from the other relatives of the owner in order to decide the role of actor in the scandal as he was in continuous contact with some of the relatives of the owner.

Police have found several numbers on the Vindoo’s call list, which shows that he has some connection with the bookies. They are making investigation in order to collect more evidence against the actor. Today at around 11:00 am in the morning, police has raided the actor house and recovered some cash.

Vindoo was spotted often in watching many matches. Police is making investigation to bring all the culprits involved in this case. Police should treat all the culprits in the same way irrespective of their status, and try to take this case in a speedy way. Some strict laws should be formed, so that no such sandal happens in the country again. One must remember that IPL is the only format where different players from all over the world play in the same team. This is the only format, which is not dividing different nations but bringing different players from different countries to play in one team. The game should bring glory to the nation, not the shame.

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