Sean Murray Lose Weight for NCIS

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Sean Murray is losing weight for NCIS. In the CBS television series NCIS, Timothy “Tim” McGee is a fictional character which is portrayed by Sean Murray. In Bethesda, Maryland, McGee grew up. His father was a naval officer on the Naval Base in Alameda, California. The day he turned sixteen a 1984 Camaro Z28 5-speed his parents bought him his first car.

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Naval Criminal Investigative Service is an abbreviated as NCIS. And chiefly known as NCIS which is an American police procedural drama television series revolving around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The team conducts criminal investigations involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

Though, he crashed into a bus while trying to figure out how to use the windshield wipers. He got a student pass the day he got out of traction. From Johns Hopkins University and a master’s degree in Computer Forensics from MIT, he received a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Before being transferred to the headquarters in the Washington Navy Yard, he worked for a time at the NCIS field office in Norfolk, Virginia. While he was transferred to Washington from Norfolk he gained his field agent status. As he is commonly referred to by Special Agent Tony DiNozzo Timothy McGee is part of a major case squad led by Special Agent Gibbs.

Additionally, McGee also serves as Gibbs’s computer to responding to crime scenes and conducting investigations, consultant and sometimes assists Abby Sciuto in the forensics lab when necessary. With L.J. Tibbs, Tommy, Lisa, Amy Sutton, Pimmy Jalmer, and himself as McGregor the characters in McGee’s books are actually based on the NCIS team. Palmer seems especially unhappy with his portrayal, which seems to include some acts of necrophilia and when Gibbs learned that his character Tibbs’ love interest was also a Colonel, Gibbs appeared surprised and unhappy about his private life being a part of McGee’s books. And with Palmer portrayal he is seems unhappy and he seems to include some acts of necrophilia.


  1. John says:

    Well why is he losing weight for ncis

  2. Golden says:

    I wonder why they didn’t tell us why

  3. Zaddeo says:

    Weight loss or he has an illness???

  4. KKF says:

    Whoa, his weight loss certainly showed on the season premier! I was wondering if it was a health thing or what. Of course, it could have been a contract thing; he was getting a little chubby. Maybe now that he’s a trim detecting machine, he can smack down Tony every so often!

  5. Lynis Stringer says:

    He has lost too much weight. I pray he isn’t ill. Loosing 10 pounds okay but this is too much and it makes you think he is sick. Even losing for a t.v. role isn’t healthy for them.

  6. phil says:

    he has always bee a wee bit chubby and it looked ine to me. hes suppposed to be a computer guy. but he has lost so much weight at this point he looks likea skleton

  7. KKF says:

    Let’s ask the Man himself–
    HEY,SEAN!! (Sorry for shouting, but wanted to get your attention.) If you or your peeps or posse or handlers or whatever read this site, let us know that you’re OK, OK? Thanks.

  8. Kathy says:

    i think he looks terrible. He’s lost so much weight that he looks ill. Put some back on Sean!

  9. real reason for loss of weight please. if it is bad news i can take it (smile)

  10. a rivera says:

    Hey, McGee, I hope you are okay! You have me worried, I promise you that. Why in goodness name did the article not say why he needs to lose weight?

  11. SANDY says:

    I hope U R OK Sean. U R LOSING TO MUCH WEIGHT. I hope U advise your fans Whats UP.

  12. Linda Zee says:

    I agree, he’s lost too much weight. I read that he visited overseas and adopted their better (less US junk food) lifestyle. I think he looked great a little chubbier!

  13. leanne says:

    It only took a second to know that this is no ordinary weight loss. And, hence, missed most of the entire show here at this keyboard. If it is, dear man, you need to rethink, because you look seriously ill. And, it reflects horribly in the spontaneity of McGee’s charecter on tonight’s episode ‘Worst Nightmare’. (And, I pray it isn’t anything more serious than your diet!)

  14. leanne says:

    And, no personal webiste to comment on, that I could find? You are too good in this role not to have one easily found.

  15. neil says:

    im watching in dublin ireland and noticed,i asked wife how can a man lose weight,but they say it in series

  16. PAT says:


  17. Jeri Stewart says:

    Every mother that watches NCIS is wondering and worrying about Sean. He’s rail thin and looks like he could pass out and fall like a bag o bones onto the floor. SEAN, if it’s for the show and not a medical problem, you need to know that this is not healthy.
    Bless you!

  18. pj says:

    Another website indicates that this was not related to the role. That he was away from home during the holidays and began eating more healthy. He liked it so much, he kept going with the healthier eating.

  19. beartmt says:

    I just hope he will gain weight just a tad… he was so much funnier that way 🙁 he looks too skinny, but he does have good eating habits.

  20. rick keller says:

    hey sean. you can tell by these comments that we love you and mcgee. we pray that it is only weight loss and not illness. if you are ok tone up a little. dinozzo will start calling you mcskinny. please clue us in.

  21. ROSANNA says:

    The truth won’t come out until later on. We will know in time.

  22. Rose and Jimmy says:

    McGee, we really like you with a little more flesh your bones, you looked stronger. However if the change is due to healthier living, then what we like doesn’t matter anyway. Never sacrifice your health for anything or anyone. We love you. Don’t let Tony bother you too much. You know he’s full of beans.

  23. christy says:

    I think Sean looked great before and he looks hotter now. I am pretty sure he will muscle up shortly. The question is will more girls be attracted to McGee and be less attracted to Tony?? As for the reason behind his weight loss he probally thought like me I rather loss weight and maintain a healthy life style than be obese and unhealthy popping pills prescribed by doctors. Good luck Sean and NCIS rocks!!!!

  24. Pam says:

    Hi Sean – Please put some weight on. I am starting to worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Gail says:

    Sean, eating healthy is great, and I’d never discourage that, but you have lost entirely too much weight. We all hope and pray that you aren’t ill, but you’ve lost so much, you sure look ill. We love you so if you can put a little back on, we’d all feel better.

  26. Dez says:

    You are hot now and then, although I prefer the before. Glad to see that I am not the only one worried lol. You are a GREAT actor and I love the show 🙂

  27. Maria says:

    We out here are kind of worried about you,
    put back a couple of pounds,
    We all want to watch NCIS and enjoy the show! don’t want to have these mix feeling about your health, So let us know, Are you or are you not sick? Please take a look in the mirror, I am a mother and if my son took a diet that far, I would be a bit worry too.
    SO take care and know that we, your fans cares!

  28. Marian Arthur says:

    Sean Murray, No one looses weight to such an extent for a series. You must either be sick or under tremendous stress. I/we give you credit for working through whatever you are faced with in this obvious crisis. You can’t keep it private with so many concerned folks caring so much for you. This is very difficult for you and for us too because we love you.

  29. Karen says:

    I think you look great. Younger also.

  30. pam c says:

    I am also worried. In last show he never lefted his desk. Would like to see more of him and Abbey together.

  31. Ings says:

    Lay off his back!!! If he was that sick TMZ or some nasty “gossip” magazine would have delighted you with something already. I think the guy just started eating better food in order to loose weight. His body is still adjusting or he just plain enjoying it. I agree he looks better with a bit more weight but to post ignorant remarks as “Is he sick, cancer, anorexic??? is a little too mindless

  32. Etta says:

    Sean, looks bad he was not to heavy but healthy looking before. Is he sick because he looks that way or someone is not watching him to keep his muscle bulk doing, I know they can afford a trainer. I love his TV part.

  33. Pandaboy says:

    I’m watching an episode now….he looks too skinny,almost anorexic…and even his voice has changed! Tony looks positively chubby beside him!!

  34. Kitty says:

    I don’t care what any one says Sean looks sick. He has loss too much weight.

  35. Areala says:

    I am finding Sean’s weight loss not only worrying but distracting! Every episode I seem to be more focused on the way he looks than the actual story line!!

  36. kristin says:

    I couldn’t believe all the weight Sean lost was wondering if he is sick.

  37. chris says:

    dude needs to gain wait back. it looks to me that he may
    have had more plastic sergery done as he had alot done allready. hope he is not taking it to far…just rememeber MJ sean… ive been a fan of the show since day one and when they brought sean in it was great. He fit the part perfect now it seems he does not fit the part anymore and they need to tell him to get back to how he was asap… we all remember him on JAG…

  38. chris says:

    also u do not loose weight like that in one season off… he def had a OP of some kind he better chill before he hurts himself….

  39. Grace says:

    There were dark circles under Sean’s eyes in this week’s episode, besides his clothes hanging like they were too big. I’m concerned!

  40. Lis says:

    I have been concerned about this for some time. Noticed it end of last season. I wonder the same. Diabetes maybe? SEAN!!!?? SEAN?? we are all concerned.

  41. Tisha says:

    I DVR this show every week and was like all of the others here on this site. What A SHOCKER! The happy face is gone, just withdrawn cheeks. What might work in real life is NOT working on the screen. Someone tell him!!

  42. Mike says:

    Sean looks like he is dying from something the weight thing is just wrong he looks just like my brother-in-law after chemo and rads

  43. Cindy Pattrick says:

    I totally agree that Sean looks terrible. I, too, thought he was sick. He needs a few more pounds. I hope he hasn’t become anorexic.

  44. mart says:

    sean looks ill…put some weight back on

  45. Janet says:

    Losing some weight was okay if you don’t want to look chubby, but you’ve lost so much you look sick. I’m worried about you. If you can, you need to put some weight back on. You were a handsome man, now you look like a walking skelton. Sorry but true.

  46. belinda price says:

    Hope you are all right. love all the people on NCIS. watch it all the time, even tape to watch over

  47. Sandy says:

    Some folks are right…it is detracting to watch him because of the excess weight he has lost. He is just too thin. Even has circles around his eyes.

  48. Marie Henry says:

    So I have a lot of company with fans of NCIS relating to Sean’s loss of weight and it is distracting. Hope he puts some back on.

  49. JH Lawson says:

    When you can see a man’s shoulder blades through his clothes he has lost waaaayyy too much weight!

  50. ron and lee says:

    after reading the info provided, i am still not certain that you are not ill and that is worrisome. my husband and i so much enjoy your show and all the of the characters who make up NCIS. i do wish you could let us know that you are not ill. my prayer list is WAY too long now–so do me a favor and let me and your viewers know that you are ok… the way you catch the “BAD” guys.

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