Sarah Jane Morris out from Brothers & Sisters

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Latest news about the series of Brothers & Sisters, Sarah Jane Morris out from it. Brothers & Sisters had completed its four season and it was renewed for a season fifth. Now Walker family is shrinking again on Brothers & Sisters. In the series Brothers & Sisters Sarah plays role as Julia Walker who was loving wife of Thomas Walker.

Sarah Jane Morris

American television drama series, Brothers & Sisters is based on the Walker family and their lives in Pasadena, California. The Walker family member includes Sarah Whedon, Sarah’s husband Joe Whedon, Nora Holden, Nora’s brother Saul Holden, Tommy Walker, Tommy’s wife Julia Walker, Kevin Walker, Justin Walker, and Kitty.

From the series, first Balthazar Getty went away who played role as Thomas “Tommy” Walkers then Sarah Jane Morris left it. Rob Lowe also moved this series because of his character died in the finale season.

GMMR’s report that Emily VanCamp’s role is being downsized in the upcoming season means that meaning she will not appear in all episodes. According to one source who works on the show, “They’re still working out the exact number.”

According to some sources Emily is merely being downsized due to budgetary constrictions, but others are reporting that she will only appear in two episodes toward the beginning of next season before peacing out completely.

In spite of rumors a few months ago, Calista Flockhart will be back in a regular series, along with Rachel Griffiths, and Gilles Marini.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Uh Sarah Jane Morris left the show in early 2009, this is not news…

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