Nicki Minaj’s ‘Your Love’ Video released

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Nicki Minaj released new Video entitled ‘Your Love’. In this video, Nicki Minaj Continues Trend of Dying at the End. The 25-year-old rapper has now released a video to the Annie Lennox-sampled tune, which is now a Billboard Number 1 hit, the first by a female rapper in eight years.

Nicki Minaj

New female rap sensation Nicki Minaj released the new music video (below) for her song “Your Love” on MTV. “Your Love” is the 2nd single from her upcoming debut album. Mostly positive reviews from critics have been received because of Nicki’s singing and rapping flexibility. The song was released on the Barbie World mixtape in January and the full version was released as the 2nd single from her upcoming debut album on June 1st.

On the July 4th weekend, The “Your Love” music video was directed by Lil X in Los Angeles, California and has geisha and samurai themes in it.

According to MTV News, She was initially reluctant to release the song, but was forced to after it leaked – and eventually blew up – on the Internet.

Music video director Hype Williams noted that the shot of four-minute clip shows an almost demure Minaj cooing for the affections of an irrepressible lover.

In a line from the tune, the female M.C. says definitely that for “your love she will ‘Die Hard’ like Bruce Willis.” Her verbal word play is tongue-and-cheek yet undeniably addictive from first listen to the tune’s throbbing backbeat.

Minaj frolics throughout the clip in Asian-inspired garb, slaying any figures daring to challenge the love of her “samurai.” Couldn’t help thinking of pop icon Janet Jackson in another Williams-directed clip “Call On Me” with Minaj’s polished look, sharp-as-knives nails and multiple wardrobe changes.

Nicki said, “I wanted to tell a love story with the video. The video premiered earlier yesterday on MTV. “Your Love” debuted at number 51 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The next week, it jumped 25 spots to number 23 and has now peaked at number 18.

It has also peaked at number 8 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts and number 34 on the US Pop Songs charts. Checkout the new music video of Nicki Minaj called as “Your Love” which is given below.

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