Natalie Mendoza left “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”

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Natalie Mendoza has decided to leave her role as villainess Arachne in Broadway’s ‘Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark‘ after a sequence of on-set injuries and pushed back production dates. This is another crisis for most troubled show-business event of 2010. 30-year-old actress, Natalie Mendoza has left the show, “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark”, permanently due to she suffered a concussion throughout the first preview of the show.

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Mendoza’s first part on Broadway was the role created by the show’s director, Julie Taymor. Out of four performers who sustained serious injuries through the high-tech spectacle, Mendoza is one of them. The press, the performing arts unions and the New York State Department of Labor draw close scrutiny of their controversial flying sequences. The leading role of the spider-villainess, Arachne was being played by the actress. Now, they require the director/co-author Julie Taymor and six important numbers in the show, including the title song and the finales to both acts.

In an initial preview at the Foxwoods Theatre on New York’s West 42nd St., Mendoza was hit in the head while she stood offstage by a rope holding a piece of equipment on 28 November but on 20 December, she returned to the show. Unluckily, Christopher Tierney sustained serious injuries from a 10-metre fall at that time by the performance. After spinal surgery, Tierney is recovering but according to doctors’ prognosis, he will recover, while his future as a dancer is still in uncertainty.

Tierney’s injury made Mendoza seriously upset so she tweeted that she was inspired everyday with the spirit of her superhero and her friend, so pray for her friend due to a light in her heart went dim that night. Since that evening, she has not seemed in any performance and reportedly, she will not be seen in the show again. According to the producer Cohl, one reason for its latest postponement to Feb. 11 was Mendoza’s absence from the show for three weeks after her accident. At present, no one can say whether her permanent departure will cause an additional delay.

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