Kim Sharma Marriage Photos – Kim’s Wedding with Ali Punjani

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Kim Sharma Marriage Photos - Kim's Wedding with Ali PunjaniLook at the wonderful photos of Kim Sharma Marriage. Bollywood actress Kim Sharma tied a knot with a wealthy business tycoon from Kenya, Ali Punjani.

Kim Sharma tied a knot with Ali Punjani two weeks ago. The marriage ceremony was organized in Mombasa, Kenya. According to the report, it is a love marriage and this couple was dating for a brief period and at that time Kim felt that they should tie the knot quickly.

The news about Kim was shocking for those who were not aware of Kim’s new boyfriend. Even most of her fans thought that she was dating with singer Carlos Marin during the first half of present year. There was also news that Carlos Marin and Kim were ready to get married and after that they would settle in Madrid.

The actress called off her engagement in a shocking turn of events. At present, she recently got married with a wealthy business tycoon from Kenya, Ali Punjani. Carlos commented on Kim that earlier, Kim was in a relationship with cricketer Yuvraaj Singh for four years, which went down the drain somewhere in the middle of 2007. Carlos Marin was a hot Spanish boyfriend of Kim Sharma.

Kim Sharma Marriage Photos - Kim's Wedding with Ali Punjani

Previously, Kim Sharma was engaged to Carlos Marin but she ended her relationship and afterwards she met Punjani.

According to the source, “The marriage ceremony was attended by close friends and relatives of Kim and Ali. Kim looked very happy.”

Certainly, the Bollywood weddings are quite strange. For example, a few days ago, the report has been made on Konkona Sen Sharma’s marriage with Ranvir Shorey. It was strange that nobody was invited from Bollywood except Koel Purie.

In fact, the best friend of Kim Sharma named Preeti Jhangiani was not present at Kim’s wedding. Kim Sharma and Preeti Jhangiani had made their Bollywood debut together in Yashraj Film’s Mohabattein.


  1. anonymous says:

    why the secrecy if they are both well known in their own capacities? is it because Ali’s legal wife was not aware of his intentions? Does Mrs. Fake Punjani know the real LEGAL Mrs. Punjani and his 3 children?
    More like a home breaker. Is Kim after his money? is the 40M dowry rumor true?

  2. Nagib says:

    Mr Ali punjani is a well known drug Baron in Kenya. He flaunts his wealth by having a harem of young teenagers who practise all iilicit sexual activities with him. A great gambler who tosses 20 million a night in a Casino. He is a big womaniser and a mafia of his heirachy. He is still married to his down to earth wife and have 3kids with her. So for Ali to give 40 million dowry to this Indian whore is like gambling two nites in a Casino

  3. Rahim says:

    Very true to both statements above, The real Mrs.Punjani is going through pain handling her wonderful family of 3 beautiful children. Wait till it blows up on international news and before he knows it Kim will be gone with all the money.

  4. kuty lola says:


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