Jon Gosselin gets new tattoo‎ to show his Maternal Heritage

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To bring an optimistic alteration in his life Jon Gosselin is trying his best. This 33 year old reality star has decided to create a large, gesture that shows the world he is a changed man. A new manager was hired and a coach to assist him in work on the life he was living. He debuted a fresh tattoo that covers most of his back. He supposed that this tattoo will herald a fresh change in his life both professionally as well as personally. By selling pictures he unveiled his tattoo. He also disclosed details about the new body art by giving interviews.

Jon Gosselin gets new tattoo‎ to show his Maternal Heritage

He had planned this tattoo for many years. It was a massive Korean dragon. He wanted to symbolize his maternal heritage as he is half-Korean. 14 hours were required to complete the tattoo. Jon bust up into two sessions two weeks apart. Those sessions were extraordinarily painful for him.

It was finished at Never Say Die Tattoo parlor in Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. According to Jon the dragon is all encircling and has all parts of the zodiac. He has many more tattoos except this fire-breathing creature tattoo. Also, on one shoulder he has a Korean flag.

Jon Gosselin tattoo symbolizes his time of change, improvement and the turning point in his life. Jon Gosselin has been energetically exploring the way to become a better father, business partner, ex-husband, friend, boyfriend, everything. The names and birthdates of Gosselin’s eight children are listed in each claw of Jon Gosselin’s black-and-gray dragon tattoo. The list shows names of his twins Cara and Madelyn, under the date “10-8-00″, the names under “5-10-04″ is for sextuplets: Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. Also one mysterious ninth entry for Ellen Ross, who is his old girlfriend, is interpreted.

Jon’s most essential critics have signed off on the body art it sounds like that. His kids love it and think it’s cool.

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  1. anabelle says:

    How does a tattoo alter ones lifestyle???????? Jon is an idiot, and will always be the same idiot as in the past. Personally I find him and his life choices disgusting, of course it’s his life so my opinion doesn’t matter. Won’t be a matter of a month or so before he finds the next true love of his “newly altered life”, will he the get another name added to his back. Eventually he will run out of back space for the names to be added………………………..!!!!!!!!!!

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