Jim Parsons’ Girlfriend

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At this time everybody talks about Jim Parsons’ girlfriend, now-a-days this story is the hottest on the Internet with good reason. There aren’t any obvious sources whether Jim Parsons has a girlfriend or not. A lot of people have fallen in love with the character Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), ever since the breakout of The Big Bang Theory two years ago. Jim Parsons plays the character in Big Bang Theory, a little nerdy, clumsy, and worried, so people love him and cannot imagine Jim Parsons with his girlfriend.

Jim Parsons Girlfriend

Jim Parsons is an American television, theater and film actor. On the CBS television series, The Big Bang Theory, Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper is a fictional character portrayed by actor Jim Parsons. Jim Parsons bring so much life to the character he plays that he’s become one of many people’s new beloved actor, and not astonishingly one of their crushes.

Jim Parsons has been linked to Kaley Cuoco (plays role of Penny in The Big Bang), but that was just a rumor. Nothing official has been confirmed regarding his love life as far as dating. Jim Parsons is 37 in 2010, and hometown in Houston, Texas. For Best Actor in a Comedy Series (The Big Bang) 2010, Jim Parsons won an Emmy Award.

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Jim Parsons' Girlfriend

Notable Roles of Jim Parsons:

  • 2005: The Great New Wonderful
  • 2006: School for Scoundrels
  • 2006: 10 Items or Less
  • 2007: The Big Bang Theory
  • 2007: On the Road with Judas

Photos of Jim Parsons:

Jim Parsons' GirlfriendJim Parsons' GirlfriendJim Parsons' GirlfriendJim Parsons' Girlfriend

Video of Jim Parsons Wins the Emmy Awards 2010 for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. HD from youtube:


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