Jiah Khan’s Suicide Note hot on web

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Jiah Khan’s suicide case has taken a new turn as a six pages suicide note has been discovered. A 25 years old actress has been found dead at her Juhu residence on June 3 in Mumbai. In this suicide note boyfriend Suraj Pancholi has been blamed for her suicide. According to suicide note, actress was going through hard phase of her love life as well as career. Suraj had betrayed her trust, which lead the actress to take a big step.

Jiah Khan’s Suicide Note

The family of the late actress released the suicide note to the police, which was discovered by Jiah’s younger sister. In the letter, Jiah wrote everything about her relationship with the son of Aditya Pancholi. His lewd habit was one of the causes of the actress death. Suraj was the last person with whom she had talked with before giving up her life. The actress’s mother has declared that her daughter was the victim of trauma and abuse at the hands of both Suraj and his father. As per suicide note, she had aborted her and Suraj baby.

Police has arrested Suraj under the IPC section 306 and his father is also being questioned by the police. However, his father is denying that Suraj is responsible for Jiah’s death. Police has not revealed anything about the content of the letter as according to them they are making investigation regarding the same.

Different reactions are coming up from the people regarding Jiah’s suicide. Following are some of them:

Jiah has ended her life for a person who was worthless. She should have ignored him and it would be better if she had concentrated on her career but her world was surrounding him only.

Ah!! really heart touching letter no grief of Jiah. I don’t know how he can miss such a girl like Jiah. Does she deserve this kind of treatment where she believed him heart and soul? Who gave her permission to end her like and her prospective baby for such a fool? Getting pregnancy might scare her, but even then she might have think at least once before taking such a hasty decision.

After realizing the kind of person she was friendly with and knowing his behavior, Jiah should have given a thought once for the family. Anyways RIP Jiah. This should also be a lesson for Pancholi and advise him to be sensitive towards people and their sentiments.

Following are the images of the Jiah khan’s suicide note:

Jiah Khan's Suicide Note hot on web

In this page, she stated that she has nothing to lose as she had given everything to Suraj and stated that he has tortured her. She has lost interest in living as Suraj has shattered her dreams and cheated her.

Jiah Khan's Suicide Note hot on web

In this page, she wrote – the pain he had given to her not only affected her physically but also it was more than that. She finds Suraj totally different from the earlier as his life is about partying and women. This shows that how much she loved her.

Jiah Khan's Suicide Note hot on web

She was no more able to or wanted to live such life and she also mentioned that she had aborted her and Suraj baby. According to her, she had spent lot of money as well time for Suraj and can’t take the burden of career and love. This letter reveals that she was totally alone and did not find any reason to live more and wanted to end her life.


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