Emily Henderson Won HGTV Design Star Final

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Last night, Emily Henderson won an interior design reality competition, HGTV Design Star season 5 finale. The last episode of the fifth season was aired on Aug. 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. There were two competitors Emily Henderson and Michael Moeller remained in final episode. Till the middle part of the episode, the judges were confused to decide who will be the winner but close to the end it they were clear about winner and declared winner as 30-years-old Emily Henderson.

Emily Henderson

HGTV Design Star is an American reality competition which telecasted on network HGTV. The season was hosted by Vern Yip. Judging panel included Vern Yip, Candice Olson, Genevieve Gorder. The finalists included professional interior designers, contractors, stylists, architects and artists, must navigate innovative design challenges and dazzle the judges with creativity until one wins their own show on HGTV. The season all contestants included Alex Sanchez, Casey Noble, Courtland Bascon, Dan Faires, Emily Henderson, Julie Khuu, Michael Moeller, Nina Ferrer, Stacey Cohen, Tera Hampton, Tom Vecchione, Trent Hultgren. The episode was placed at the New York City.

To choose their teammates from former contestants of the show, Emily and Michael both were permitted and they were to help one of the two finalists of the show. Emily chose Stacey, Casey, Stan, Tom and Alex while Michael chose Tera, Trent, Nina and Courtland. Form this whole teammate things, the good thing was that both finalists could select one of their teammates to be their client. This was a very enjoyable part because at first Emily chose Dan but realizing that the taste of both these designers was similar, Emily selected Tom who according to her is risky when it comes to taking aesthetic risks.

Michael chose Nina as his client for the reason that according to him, she is the lioness who eats her own cubs which was proved true in the final project because Nina really tried to impose her own ideas on Michael but in the end Michael went on composure and made his own decisions stay.

In the conclusion of the episode, it was obvious that design of Emily was a lot better than Michael’s design and so that Emily won this season of HGTV Design Star.

The Oregon native, 30 year old Emily Henderson was raised in rural Oregon. She said that she grew an inventive nature because her family regularly made their own clothes and reupholstered their own furniture. She completed graduation from the University of Oregon. For study of industrial design at The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Emily turned to New York City. As attractive, hard-working and having a fun sense of fashion, Emily quickly found work as a design advisor with some world-renowned designers and stylists. She says her talent and style are combination of classical and contemporary design that directed her to begin her own business as a prop, lifestyle and tabletop designer. Nowadays, she is an in-demand photo shoot stylist for top lifestyle and design publications and national retailers.

Emily’s show “Secrets from a Stylist” will be premiered on August 29. She exposed her encounter with Cindy DiPrima, who had worked with Johanthan Adler, helped give her direction in her life. Henderson’s dreams have now come true.

Photos of Emily Henderson’s Designs:

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  1. rachel gunther says:

    Will never watch her show. Childish voice, childish personality, no articulation, no appeal…comes off as very immature. Her voice grates on me and feels like nails scratching a chalkboard. UGGGHHHHH! Why does HGTV always seem to alternate genders for design stars every season. EMILY talks with a nasal whine… YUKKKKK! TURN HER OFF!

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