Drew Carey’s weigh loss woders People

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Drew Carey’s weigh loss issue is so amazing, everyone is wondering about his 80 pounds weight loss over the past year with the help of old-fashioned diet and exercise. Check out the Drew Carey’s weigh loss before and after photo as given below. Here is Drew on the ‘Price is Right’ set in March 2009 (left) and on Wednesday (right).

Drew Carey Weight Loss Photo

Drew Carey doens’t even look like the same person here. He lost 80 pounds from doing what he calls an all carb diet and a ton of cardio. Drew Carey is also a much healthier man, completely getting rid of his type 2 diabetes from the weight loss.

Drew Carey’s told People he lost 80 pounds by sticking to a strict no-carb diet.”No carbs,” he said. “I have cheated a couple times, but basically no carbs, not even a cracker. No bread at all. No pizza, nothing. No corn, no beans, no starches of any kind. Egg whites in the morning or like, Greek yogurt, cut some fruit.”Carey also said he drinks nothing but water and does lots of cardio. He used to have type II diabetes but no longer.

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