Bloodcopy’ spoilers on True Blood Season 3 Finale

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True Blood Season 3 Finale was telecasted on 12 September 2010 on the premium cable network HBO in the United States. Alan Ball is the creator and producer of True Blood Season 3. In True Blood Season 3, viewers see more twists and worse results than a bad M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Bloodcopy, Bloodcopy true blood, Bloodcopy spoilersSookie accepted a presumable invitation to fairyland to visit her relatives including Claudine, her fairy cousin, after the usual drama seemingly closing out the possibility of a relationship between Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). Kristen Bauer and Joe Manganiello seemed with some banter on camera in the place of the usual True Blood Post Mortem after the episode. Fans are invited to join Bauer and Manganiello for a live chat at True Blood’s official website,

According to some people, they rushed to visit, and receive multiple server errors like “503 – Service Unavailable” “No server is able to handle this request” and “This website is not available.” They added, “You’d think with a decent estimate of the number of viewers watching the show, HBO might have had enough foresight to increase the server power or other technical details involved in handling an expected flood of traffic.

Bloodcopy give spoilers on True Blood Season 3 FinaleAs per fans, it was incredibly disappointing for the first time, especially for Sookie. Jason and Bill pursued their common expected patterns: an action followed altruistic intent that upsets just about everyone. Sam and Tara also appeared to contain switched characters. He develops into violent and decided to shoot his brother, while after all the trauma, Tara wimped out and appears to be heading for the hills.

Hoyt and Jessica decided to actually shack up jointly while a heavy duty piece of weaponry was purchased by Mrs. Fortenberry. At the end of the show, they appreciate it that Sookie finally learned everything and Eric’s true intentions are unknown. People are happy to see the live chat with two actors of the show but alas, the Internet’s only been around for decades now, so HBO can’t figure out how to regulate traffic.

According to some sources, people see posts that are showing up on io9 that look as cross-posts from a Gawker Media blog called Blood Copy. But these are not real posts. True Blood marketing team created an alternate reality game (ARG) and the part of this are called sponsored ads, which is posted on Blood Copy blog.

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