Royal Bank Online Banking: Sign in, Account manage & Payment Guide

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The Royal Bank has turned into one of the largest banks of Canada by providing excellent banking services to millions of people. It has also successfully entered the list of world’s largest banks because of its large market capitalization. Working under the brand name of RBC, the Royal Bank is offering a wide range of services like wealth management, banking, insurance, and capital markets services on an international basis for personal, public sector, business, and various institutional clients. Moreover, the bank offers various useful banking options such as mobile banking and online banking which allows its customers to fulfill all their banking needs while on the go or in the comfort of home or office.

Royal Bank Online Banking: Sign in, Account manage & Payment Guide

The Royal Bank was founded in the year 1864 in Halifax and it was named as the Merchants Bank. After receiving its federal charter in 1869, its name was changed to the Merchants’ Bank of Halifax. Later, in order to evade confusion with other bank called the Merchants Bank of Canada, the Merchants’ Bank of Halifax adopted a new name ‘The Royal Bank of Canada’ in the year 1901. Finally, in 1990, the bank’s name was shortened and the bank got its legal name of ‘Royal Bank of Canada’. At present, the RBC bank is operating in several branches across Canada, US, and 51 other countries. However, the corporate headquarters are located in Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario.

RBC online banking is absolutely free, easy, safe, and secure. There are numerous online features that are being offered by the RBC bank through its official website, You can view and manage your account, view transactions, pay your bills, and lot more, all these things are possible with just few clicks. All you have to do is to create an online account. There is no need to worry about the security as whenever you will sign into your account, you will be protected with most up-to-date security and encryption features. Plus, ‘the RBC Online Banking Security Guarantee’ feature assures that in case of any illegal transaction is done through your online account then you will be 100% refunded for any consequential losses occurred to your account.

RBC bank customers who are interested to acquire benefits of online features can easily enroll themselves on the official site of the bank. However, this service is available only for the personal banking clients who have a valid RBC Royal Bank Client Card or RBC Royal Bank credit card with them. Before you start the registration process, make sure that you are ready with following things: your address, your RBC Royal Bank account details, and answers to extra security questions. To start, visit and click on ‘Enroll Now’ link situated at the top right side of the page. Now, hit the blue colored ‘Enroll Now’ button. Follow the on screen instructions and complete three steps of registration, first is RBC client identification, second is personal & product security questions, and the third step is of online profile setup.
After the competition of enrollment process, you will get a user ID and password using which a person can access online services whenever and wherever he/she wants. Plus, the bank will send an activation code to the individual’s address. You can login without the activation code but the activation code is must for getting access to all online services available. You can also enroll for online banking ‘by phone’ or ‘in person’. If you are willing to enroll by phone then call at 1-800-769-2555 and follow the instructions. This service is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With ‘enroll in person’ option, you can enroll by visiting any one of the branch locations during its operating hours.

Online Banking Features and Services:

View Transactions

With this feature, the online account holder can get a detailed history of transactions, bill payments, fund transfers, orders of cheques, and lots more. Moreover, the feature allows the customers to search up to seven years of transactions by choosing an amount range, date range or cheque number range.

View Images of ATM Deposits and Cheques

You can view and at the same time take print out of the digital images of certain transactions that were made over the period of last three months, including cheques and ATM deposits.

View All Your Accounts in a Single Session

This is a very interesting feature that enables the user to access several RBC online services in one online session. It’s really very easy to access your other accounts online with RBC. Just select “Link Other Accounts” from the ‘Profile and Preference’ menu.

Keep Track Of Your Credit Card

With the help of an online account, you can set up automatic payments, switch over a different credit card product, redeem your reward points, pay your bills, or even order a new card online. Plus, online banking permits the users to manage their credit limit quickly and easily. Once you have submitted the credit card limit increase, you will get an instant reply for your request and if approved then you will be able to use your new credit instantly.


You can receive electronic documents for statements or trade confirmations instead of paper documents. These e-documents are made available in the PDF format. Make use of this feature and get rid of all that paper mess.

Order New Cheques

You can easily order new set of cheques online. Varieties of designs are displayed from which the users can choose one and they can even view earlier online cheque orders.

Change account Type or Add Owners to Your Account

There is no need of visiting your branch or closing your current account in order to change your account type or to add owners to the account. Just send a request to bank’s officials online just with few short steps. As soon as the request gets approved, you and the other account owners (if any) will get a confirmation message and the new account description will get displayed on your Account Details page.

Electronic Bills

RBC e-bills allow the users to pay bills online including your phone bill, cable, hydro, and credit card companies (more than 6000 companies). You can access these bills any time. You will never lose any important bill as this online feature can save all your bills up to seven years. You can also receive email notifications that will let you know the arrival of a new bill or statement. There is another interesting feature called the ‘automatic payment’ which will automatically pay for your recurring bills.

Pay Multiple Bills

You can pay up to 10 bills at a time. Simply, select the company or service you want to pay. Then type in the payment details and confirm the payment. The payment history page will store all the bill payments that you have made in last six months.

Send Funds Worldwide

With the help of the RBC International Remittance feature, you can easily send money to your family members or friends overseas to nearly all countries. The funds will get automatically deposited to the receiver’s RBC bank account or it will be available for pickup. Moreover, it’s a very secure way to transfer money as the funds are sent using a very trusted electronic bank-to-bank transfer system. The RBC bank charges just around $13.50 for every transaction.

Apply and Make Payment for Loans

You can easily choose from wide range of loans available such as personal loan, car loan, and royal credit line etc. and apply for one as per your needs. You can also make your loan payments online which is truly a very fast and trouble-free way to pay down your debt and to reduce the interest costs.

Other Important Online Features:

  • Buy & sell non-registered Royal Mutual Funds
  • Access financial tools, calculators and product information that will help you in making important financial decisions
  • You can easily make changes in personal info including email id and address
  • Skip a loan payment
  • Delay a loan payment


  • Easy, convenient, and safe to use
  • Provide access to online account 24/7
  • View transaction history
  • Bill payment
  • Automatic bill payment
  • Account holders can easily send funds to more than 120 countries using RBC International Remittance
  • Order cheques online
  • Open additional accounts
  • Apply for loans
  • Keep track of the credit card
  • Receive e-documents

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