DRDO lost top 20 Scientists In last 6 Months

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DRDO lost top 20 Scientists In last 6 Months

In last 6 Months, DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) has lost top 20 scientists. Top 20 scientists quit their jobs due to the growth of private and IT sectors. Private and IT sectors hire scientists in a big way so to get better opportunities and remuneration the scientists are turning their concentration towards them. Within 3 years from 2008-2011, DRDO has lost 285 scientists.

According to DRDO records, scientists working in the field of electronics, computer science, and communications are the most required by the private sector. Vijaykumar Saraswath had signed around 20 resignations of top scientists. IT sectors are picking the scientists and DRDO is losing. DRDO require good HR policies to retain their bright scientists.

DRDO looks forward to recruit youngsters as large number of NRI science graduates and youngsters from DRDO Science Foundation are showing their Interest in pursuing research. So DRDO can maintain their top spot on research field. To arrest the attrition rate in DRDO, defense minister A K Antony had promised incentives for scientists.

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